Slow Burn Reviews

April 20, 2007
...the story is intriguing enough to hold our interest through all the film noir pretensions...
April 16, 2007
It's not a brilliant movie. It's certainly not worth canceling any appointments to catch at the theater. But it's more than worth a quick look on cable, or even an impulsive rental.
April 15, 2007
Teeming with lurid atmosphere, Slow Burn touches on mutual stalking, inner city gangsta capitalism, and detonation of a ghetto as part of a lucrative urban removal gentrification scheme concocted by the city elite.
April 12, 2007
[Director] Beach slams open the trap doors of false and real identity with such a frenzy that, even at the end, you're not sure who's who and what they did to whom. It's sloppy fun to watch while you're in the theater.