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January 13, 2017
Even breaking Roger Maris' long-standing single season home run record of 61 is bittersweet for Braves slugger, Darryl Palmer, when his wife leaves him to pursue a singing career. Palmer is a bit too cocky to feel a ton of sympathy for. Liked seeing the old jerseys and pitchers Fidrych and Hrabosky - even if neither of them actually pitched for the Astros.
½ April 26, 2016
A baseball players career is in jeopardy when his girlfriend isn't by his side. Of course, when she's with him he becomes Stan Musial. Worst adaptation of a Neil Simon play.
October 23, 2015
Typically dreadful Neil Simon film revolving around self-absorbed (most emphatically displayed with his personalized 'Slugger' bathrobe) Atlanta Braves player and his aspiring-singer wife. The pennant chase and pursuit of Roger Maris' home run record are deadeningly portrayed against a subpar musical lineup featuring bad cover tunes. Ex-pros Mark Fidrych and Al Hrabosky are featured as Astros (!) pitchers. Most interesting is the fan who gives up the million dollar 62nd home run ball for the slugger out of the goodness of his heart; how the times have changed.
½ March 24, 2015
another baseball pic
½ February 2, 2015
I love baseball and music, but this is one of the worst movies I have seen. The acting is bad, the baseball scenes look fake, the singing isn't good, and the story stinks. Had I not checked the DVD out of the library, I would feel I had wasted my money. Since I didn't pay to watch it, I didn't waste my money, but I certainly wasted my time.
April 25, 2012
A Not very funny romantic comedy about a baseball player on his way to the hall of fame who gets sidetrack by an up and coming singer.
March 31, 2012
I love a cheesy love story and that is what this movie is. we need more of these in the world instead of blood guts and gore. I want to watch it over and over because of the music in it. it shows why couples need their time to do their own interest and career paths. we should all be supportive and work harder to make it work.
May 16, 2011
Okay, I gather that the studio took creative control from Ashby sometime in the editing process, but that doesn't seem sufficient to fully explain this train wreck; even if the pieces aren't put together the way they're supposed to be, the whole shouldn't look like it's made from substandard parts.

It's hard to know where to assign blame. Was Ashby not New York enough to get Neil Simon's rhythms? Was Simon not Southern enough to capture Georgia culture? Could the leads just not muster any more enthusiasm or chemistry than what was on display (I can't speak to Michael O'Keefe's other work, but I know I've seen Rebecca DeMornay give more nuanced performances than this). The use of live music to comment on the film's goings-on worked well enough; I was reminded a bit of Altman's "A Perfect Couple," which I enjoyed rather more than this and which used a similar device (the songs in the Altman film were fairly banal originals; here the producers at least licensed existing rock and pop songs, albeit in bland, mid-'80s cover versions).

This was the first unqualified failure I've ever seen with Ashby's name on it. Part of me regrets paying to see it theatrically. The rest of me takes comfort in knowing that at least I didn't suffer alone.
December 21, 2010
"How can a woman walk out on a love like this? Just Watch!"

"A love story about two of America's favourite pastimes."

Really disapointing considering the talent behind the film, including Hal Ashby, one of the top directors of the 70's, and Neil Simon, the legendary NY playwright. The film was taken away from director Hal Ashby in post production because Ashby had turned in too many scenes without the dialog written by 'Neil Simon'. It attempts to combine a movie about being a professional baseball player with a romantic comedy, like Bull Durham. Though it predates Bull Durham by a few years, it's hard not to compare, and it doesn't come close.
It stars Michael O'Keefe (Caddyshack), Rebecca De Mornay (Risky Business), and Randy Quaid, who has some of the funnier moments, which are few.

Steven Gustafson, Dennis Drew, and Jerome Augustyniak from the band 10,000 Maniacs make a cameo appearance in a scene in this movie, ordering food during the scene where the song "All American Boy" plays.

Burly DeVito: I'm a manager, not a pimp!
½ December 3, 2010
one of the worst movies i've ever seen (the fact that it was about an Atlanta Brave didn't help matters)--i couldn't even bear to finish it... what was Neil Simon thinking?
May 2, 2010
A Not very funny romantic comedy about a baseball player on his way to the hall of fame who gets sidetrack by an up and coming singer.
½ February 27, 2010
not bad, but not great.
October 20, 2009
Hal Ashby's 2nd last feature film and it hardly looks like his work. Little glimpses of it here and there but wow what a lame movie, really lame. As lame as the over 80ized (never thought there was such a thing as over 80s till now) covers that are done of Springsteen and Prince. As much as I am a big Ashby fan, this movie sucks
May 11, 2008
a gone with the wind ending you hope and hope the whole damn movie and then the end smacks you in the face and calls you a jackass!
½ November 3, 2007
"I can't hit homers without you baby!" - "But I gotta sing!" - oy.
½ October 15, 2007
it was good. iam a braves fan so i like the location
½ June 19, 2007
It was a warm story that was before its time. A passively controlling husband, and a wife who needs to escape to become her own person - I was not yet married when I first viewed this, but I appreciated the impact of the story more afterwards :)
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