Smiles of a Summer Night Reviews

May 20, 2003
Who would have thought that august Sweden would be sending us a film comedy as witty and cheerfully candid about the complexities of love as any recent French essay on l'amour?
July 15, 2012
An impeccable choreography of vows broken, shuffled and reaffirmed
May 13, 2011
Bergman's classic sparkles with wit and innuendo in a way that most modern romantic comedies can't even come close to.
May 13, 2011
Smiles of a Summer Night is as delightful a romantic roundelay as has ever been made in world cinema; even the title is wonderful.
August 28, 2007
There's some magic it has in the shimmering summer tone it sets.
August 29, 2006
Though Bergman's staging of the affair occasionally suggests a proscenium is just beyond the frame, the ensemble brings joyful veracity to the romantic complications and well-drawn characters.
June 14, 2005
August 5, 2004
Bergman has his finger squarely on the pulse of the foibles of human romance and all its entails-both wonderful and horrible
July 12, 2004
It's good enough, I suppose, but I wouldn't recommend it.
June 1, 2004
Lusty comedy of manners plays like a lighter Rules of the Game.