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½ July 11, 2016
This movie was totally awesome! Several layers of unexpected action that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this entire thrill ride! Keys is terrific and Common is superb! Another reason that goes to show sometimes these so called movie critics must be on Crystal Meth!
June 27, 2016
Jeremy Piven makes a great illusionist though the movie doesn't focus on that one bit.  I could recommend this movie for the five minutes Jason Bateman graces the screen.  Hairy eyeball included.  I could recommend this movie for good cop Ryan Reynolds.  Or just for Ryan Reynolds.  I wouldn't recommend this movie for the 30+ minutes of excessive graphic violence.  The twist revealed about 45 - 30 minutes from the ending did come as a bit of a surprise.  When I reflected upon it however it seemed fairly obvious.  There were two maybe three laugh out loud moments but I think in the end it can be classified as action or drama and not comedy.  Though not the day, Ryan Reynolds does manage to save the film giving the redeeming ending it so needed.  I cannot say whether I recommend this or not.  Take what I've written above and make your own decision.
June 22, 2016
haha!! I really liked this movie! So many big names in it, cool shoot 'em up scenes. Pretty badass.
½ April 24, 2016
It becomes known information that a snitch (Jeremy Piven) is ready to give information on the mob. As a result there is a one million dollar hit on him and several different assassins and hit squads are out for him in his top story penthouse. FBI partners Ryan Reynolds and Ray Liotta are out to keep him protected from all the various killers. It has some great action and violence and over the top characters. The cast is quite varied from all sorts of entertainment. As Piven rests at the top of the hotel penthouse, each of the assassins has a different method of getting to the top. Force, Stealth, Disguises and Schemes are all different methods. The film has a Tarentino like finish as they climb to the top. Smokin' Aces has some confusing presentation elements, but was overall entertaining.
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April 24, 2016
This movie tries to be more clever than it actually is with a plot that is hard to understand due to the fact that we are introduced to so many cast members in such a short time we have no clue what was going on and the twists through the film lose any shock value due to the fact that the whole story isn't explained well, There was some good violent action and some bits were clever, but apart from that we go away from this film feeling kind of numb and dissapointed.
April 23, 2016
Easily one of my favorite movies of all time.
½ March 13, 2016
stylish and violent. Pretty good
½ February 28, 2016
I think you may need to be 'on something' to appreciate this film ? It's a bit too wacky for me. But still 3 Stars because it 'had it's moments'.
½ February 17, 2016
Good except for the ghetto trash talk.
½ December 6, 2015
It's not great, but there are a few creative scenes that make it worth the watch.
½ November 24, 2015
Lock, stock and devoid of the cleverness and wit.
½ October 21, 2015
I actually liked it a bit. It's not a good movie in the slightest when we're talking Oscars, but it more like a Boondock Saints where I know it's a poorly executed film but I liked it anyways for the action and what not. Smokin Aces is just a fun film.
½ October 16, 2015
Huge mess of bullets and violence, a convoluted hotchpotch of supposed plot points and storyline which isn't really humorous or interesting. In short, loads of smokes but no aces.
October 2, 2015
Everybody wants to create a Tarantino like movie and this proves that's not easy and here it's impossible.
½ September 22, 2015
A unique, entertaining, and admittedly badly written clusterf*ck of a movie. Regardless, it's still quite interesting and enjoyable, as pure spectacle if nothing else. Its best aspect is the intentionally over the top and bizarre performances from its cast. Definitely worth watching, just don't expect much coherency.
½ September 21, 2015
Funny uniques characters, witty dialogue, good pacing and music, and a good twist at the end.
September 4, 2015
½ August 31, 2015
objectively terrible but it very well might have one of my favorite endings of any movie i've seen and for that it gets an extra star
½ August 19, 2015
Terrible movie. Poor script. Ridiculous characters straight from a comic book. Not believable in any way. Full of gratuitous violence. A total waste of time. Don't bother watching it.
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