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½ February 28, 2014
Boris Karloff, Jack Hill, zombies, voodoo snake cults--Strangely Disturbing, Claustrophobic Trash Nightmare!!
March 15, 2013
Really slow film. It picks up some towards the end but the plot is still pretty bland and confusing. It's a shame that this was Karloff's last role. Not a too memorable film, but it's pretty weird.
February 11, 2012
Poorly filmed, poorly written and poorly directed. Oh, and poorly acted. There is just not anything good I can say about this movie. This is a zombie movie with some cannibalism thrown in just because they could I guess. Didn't move the flimsy story along; maybe they needed some (poorly done) gore. My daughter caught part of it and laughed at the absurdity of it all.
½ July 8, 2011
When Jesus does it, it's a miracle. When anyone else does it, it's diabolic.
June 14, 2011
We start the movie off with a midget pimp in a top hat and coattails digging a hole while laughing maniacally....that was about the only good thing about the whole movie for I watched this sober and nearly fell asleep.

On an island dominated by Mexican voodoo practitioners, the local police is stumped to a recent rash of rituals and bodies showing up.

I'd love to go into detail but the idea is making my head very dizzy. Its titled Snake People but its really a weird zombie movie more than anything. It really makes no sense at all, better off watching it high or something

The highlight of the movie is the midget, haha always are funny

3 out of 10
½ October 17, 2010
ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE or SNAKE PEOPLE (1968-1971) stars the great Boris Karloff in one of this final big screen performance before his death. By this stage in his career, Karloff was in ill health so he signed up for a co American/Mexican "B" movie called ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE. The end result (to be quite frank with the reader of this review) is one giant CLUSTER FUCK OF A GODAMM MOVIE! Holy shit this movie was fucked up, hell half the time it felt like one half of the movie was on LSD while the other half was going through a stage of withdrawal. I'm honestly bewilder from what I've just seen in this film, god lord what a Technicolor mess of a film.

Plot summary: The plot of this trippy fuck fest involves a police captain and the Niece of a Plantation owner arrive on a small island only to find the local police force (including the Lieutenant) are sacred by a mysterious local Voodoo cult where a viscous snake dancer and a midget priest and their followers worship there demon god Damballah raise the dead for their own vile purposes. The strange thing is Niece's uncle the Plantation owner Carl Van Molder (Karloff) has the snake dancer working for him. When the Capitan tries to restore law and order to the island but the cult unhappy with this unleash and army of cannibalistic zombie women upon the islands residents. Thing turn sinister when the Niece is kidnapped by the cult (like every cliched film) the movies hero's (the Captain and the Lieutenant) to end this tropical nightmare once and for all.

Ha that's exactly what this movie is a horrible tropical nightmare. I'm amazed that some great star like Karloff would end his career with a shitty movie like this. There some purely fucked up moments in this film that begs the question "What were the makers of this shit fest thinking?" So I'm about to do something I have never done before with my reviews I'm going to list the most weirdest moments of this film.

1. The Opening Sequence: Yeah that's right the opening of this film is completely fucked up. Anyway the movie opens on some cheesy shot of a world map with some tacky narrator carrying on about "the dangerous religions of the world". The next thing the film cuts to is some midget voodoo priest (in a top hat and sunglasses) performes a weird religious ritual were a chicken is beheaded. I'm not too sure but I think a real chicken was killed due the headless chicken flapping its wings a spit second after the Midget cuts off the chicken head off camera. If my eye didn't deceive me this movie may have answer that old urban myth 'if someone was to cut off a chickens head it will still walk about" or in this movies case the chicken will still flap its wings after losing its head. If I'm correct the movie just violated my mental health before the opening credits even rolled.

2. The Necrophilia subtext: One of the movies villains has a female zombie slave which he tries to feel up but thank god Karloff's character appears to put a stop to it. I know what you are thinking dear reader WTF!

3. Self Bi - Curiosity: my apologies if I offend anyone but I don't know how to properly describe the dream sequence properly. Ok the leading lady has a nightmare (induced by the snake dancer) were she is in a coffin, exits said coffin, sees an identical coffin next to her and opens the lid only to find herself in the coffin with snake sliding all over her and then the two for no reason start to French kiss each other. I don't know what else to label this nightmare sequence except for Self Bi - Curiosity.

Final thoughts on ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE or SNAKE PEOPLE (1968-1971): not much to say with this one except for it's a horrible film only lifted by Karloff's performance and presents (even though he's only in the film for 20% of it). I'm not sure I would say it's a so-bad-it's-so-good movie but it's not a so-bad-it's -unbearable-film; I think Snake people falls somewhere in the middle of the two. I'm not going to recommend this film to anyone except for any Boris Karloff fan or the films writer, exploitation cinema legend Jack Hill (the writer of the Big Doll House and Coffy) curious about this cinematic shame of their carriers. 30% out of 100%
½ January 20, 2009
Oh man, some of these older island films are just awful. SNAKE PEOPLE is definetly no exception. The film takes place on a dumpy island with villagers obsessed with snakes and voodoo who kidnap the "tourists" and force them into voodoo. Boris Karloff should be ashamed this is on his credits. SNAKE PEOPLE would definetly make my list for the worst movies ever made. Boring, stupid, and not scary; this movie will make your fast-forward button quite handy.
January 20, 2009
Clunky, boring horror film that just doesn't make any sense.
½ January 20, 2009
Echoing narration informs us about the "diabolical" new threat of voodoo on the island of "Korbai" near Haiti and a laughing, sneering midget in sunglasses cuts the head off a (real) chicken. Then Anabella (played by Julissa), a member of the International Anti-Saloon League informs some soldiers that, "Modern science has proven that alcohol is responsible for 99.2% of all the worlds sins!" She arrives on the island with others to visit her uncle Carl von Molder (Boris Karloff or his masked double).

Meanwhile, blue-faced zombies are overrunning the island. Voodoo cultists kill soldiers with a blowgun, strangulation and machete and regularly resurrect the dead with the help of the dwarf (who whips them). Rabid zombie women eat a man and one soldier adopts one as his girlfriend to scratch his back and fan him. ("Imagine a beautiful woman that can't talk. Every man's dream!") The niece has an extremely bizarre dream of her evil double suggestively sucking on a (real, live) snake before kissing her (?)

Little of this movie makes sense and the ending stinks, but it has some weird, senseless stuff to recommend. It's one of four much-hated movies Karloff did in 1968 before his death, constituting his final film work.
January 20, 2009
i hate snakes i use to have nighmares
½ January 20, 2009
One of the most blatantly godawful horror-free horror films I have been unfortunate enough to see.
½ January 20, 2009
Boris Karloff is a poor man's Omar Sharif in this love-letter to... uh, snake people, I guess.
½ January 20, 2009
Weak movie. VERY WEAK
August 2, 2007
What's with the Colonel Sanders outfit?
½ April 22, 2006
Well - time for yet another flick. (Gee, don't I have a job or something to go to):confused:

Snake People - well, a midget killing a headless chicken that's [i]still moving[/i] doesn't really do it for me.

That's how the movie starts anyway. With the title credits we discover that the once-great Boris Karloff is in this film (obviously didn't have much of a retirement fund, sad).

But Boris is nowhere to be found (yet). After the credits, we see a temperance lady and a new chief of police have come into an island town - why? Who knows - this is not going well. Joined by the lush of a lieutenant, they go to the richest landowner on the island. However, before that we need to see a woman dancing with a snake during a voodoo ritual...

...frankly Salma Hayek did a FAR better job in "From Dusk til Dawn".

Obviously, Boris is found to be the landowner in question (and looks like Colonel Sanders, to boot) and a researcher of snakes and the paranormal. Meanwhile, the chief is there to stamp out the voodoo lifestyle.

Honestly, some of this seems to be a direct lift from the B&W classic "White Zombie" (ironically starring fellow Master of Horror, Bela Lugosi) but that movie was far more interesting than this turkey. Heck, even some of the actors look a little bored here.

Oh, and did I mention the cannibal women?

The lowdown: Boris is wasted here. None of the acting is above the level of "performance art" (and not the good type). Frankly needed a beer just to tolerate this movie. The movie seems to plod around waiting for itself to end. There's some mind-bending moments in the film (like Ms. Temperance putting a snake's head in her mouth); but nothing a cheap bottle of tequila couldn't duplicate.:cool:

Fun Rating: 1 (though that's probably being generous - Karloff is really the only thing keeping this from the '0' department).

Interest Rating: 1 (for Karloff completists only - and even [b]they[/b] don't like this film) Honestly, I'd rather watch a "Sex and The City" marathon than this dreck.

Total Rating: 1

[i]Trivia Corner: This was one of last four films Boris Karloff acted in before dying. All are considered horrendous. Sadly, Karloff's career ended similarly to Lugosi's with his Ed Wood movies.:( [/i]
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