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½ December 15, 2014
A fun little piece of Australian sleaze, though it's nothing I'd return to any time soon.

A rental, maybe?
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½ May 9, 2014
This Australian horror film manages to be a decent affair, but I was slightly let down by this one. I felt that the film lacked any real thrills and it could have been much better than what it turned out to be. I didn't hate the film, but I felt that a bit more effort could have been put into the film to really make it standout. This has been viewed as Ozploitation, in other words Australian Exploitation, and I've seen my fair share of this genre, and I quite enjoyed most of the film. I especially enjoyed the work of Richard Franklin. With this film, I felt that something was missing to really make it a memorable addition to the genre. Overall, it's decent and entertaining, but it also leaves you wanting more out of the film, and in turn, you realize that the film falls short of what it could have been. The idea here is quite good, and it's entertaining for what it is, but if the script would have been polished up a bit, then Snapshot would definitely have been a great film. The ideas are here, but there just seems to be a few lacking aspects that make this film lose steam, and it's a shame because I really think this could have been a terrific genre film. Despite its imperfections, Snapshot does gain momentum, but it steadily takes its time to really be effective, and throughout the film, there are some bizarre scenes that seem a bit out of place and never should have been written in the film. Nonetheless, the performances here are good, and like I said, it's a decent picture, worth seeing if you enjoy Ozploitation and horror in general, but you'll be left wanting more out of the film as well.
February 16, 2013
I thought that Snapshot (aka The Day After Halloween, One More Minute) was a very patient, paranoid, pessimistic and somewhat surrealistic movie in the style of Polanski's apartment trilogy. Great plot twists, some moments and style that jarred me out of complacency in expected storyline and flow, and a hopelessness and paranoid vision of life and the world that I thought was similarly captured in the Roman Polanski flicks aforementioned. Recommended for fans of: The Tenant, Repulsion, Italian Gialli movies, The Pyx, Rosemary's Baby . . .
June 5, 2011
Outside of his westerns, I can't say that I'm a fan of any of Simon Wincer's work. This was airing on TCM as part of there late night Friday cult lineup when I took a chance an set the DVR. Known under a few different titles, but airing as SNAPSHOT, Wincer capture this strange, nearly indescribable vibe that left me wondering if the thriller elements were only in our sexually repressed heroin's head, ala REPULSION. This is reinforced by a detached atmosphere created by a cast of uninterested arthouse hanger's-on types who circle around the fringe's of Angela's life only to remind her that their art is more important their her life.
½ June 4, 2011
A smart and stylish Australian psycho-thriller is another strong piece of work from woefully underrated screenwriter Everett De Roche. Atmospherically directed by Simon Wincer with a shining central performance from Sigrid Thornton. Fans of the genre need to seek this one out, it really deserves to be better known.
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