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There isn't much to Sneakers plot and that's more than made up for with the film's breezy panache and hi-tech lingo.



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A group of maverick computer and espionage experts become involved in a government scheme to steal a piece of advanced code-breaking technology in this lighthearted spy drama. When the device's creator turns up murdered, they become the chief suspects and must discover the truth to clear their name.


Robert Redford
as Martin Bishop
Sidney Poitier
as Donald Crease
River Phoenix
as Carl Arbogast
Timothy Busfield
as Dick Gordon
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Dr. Werner Brandes
James Earl Jones
as Bernard Abbott
Gary Hershberger
as College-Aged Bishop
Jojo Marr
as College-Aged Cosmo
Bodhi Elfman
as Centurion Night Guard
Denise Dowse
as Bank Teller
Eddie Jones
as Buddy Wallace
Donal Logue
as Dr. Gunter Janek
Lee Garlington
as Dr. Elena Rhyzkov
as Bank Secretary
Tim Winters
as Homeless Man
Jun Asai
as Piano Prodigy
John Shepard
as Collidge Institute Guard
as Mrs. Crease
Shayna Hollinquist
as Melissa Crease
Dayna Hollinquist
as Melissa Crease
Jacqueline Brand
as Kiev String Quartet Member
Julie Gigante
as Kiev String Quartet Member
Victoria Miskolczy
as Kiev String Quartet Member
David Speltz
as Kiev String Quartet Member
Leslie Hardy
as Gregor's Date
John Moio
as Gregor's Chauffeur
James Craven
as FBI Agent
R.C. Everbeck
as 2nd FBI Agent
Ernie Tetrault
as TV Anchorman
Lori Hall
as NSA Phone Operator
George Cheung
as Chinese Restuarant Singer
Hayward Soo Hoo
as Chinese Restaurant Waiter
Michael Kinney
as Playtronics Desk Day Guard
Rudy Francis Nementz
as Playtronics Desk Day Guard
Ralph Monaco
as Playtronics Lobby Day Guard
Paul Jenkins
as Playtronics Lobby Night Guard
Al Foster
as Playtronics Desk Night Guard
George Hartmann
as Playtronics Stairwell Guard
Jeff Phillips
as Playtronics Perimeter Guard
Michael Boston
as Playtronics Perimeter Guard
Anthony Winters
as Male NSA Agent
Jeff Joy
as Male NSA Agent
Amy Benedict
as Female NSA Agent
Roger Callard
as NSA agent (uncredited)
Michael Milhoan
as Russian Driver
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  • Oct 22, 2013
    It is extraordinarily corny, and the screenwriting is quite mediocre, yet the film does engage with an interesting, complex plot and thrilling sequences.
    Matthew Samuel M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2012
    Superb spy action comedy with director Robinson getting all parts clicking like a key turning tumblers in a lock. Robert Redford in top form as reformed hacker leading a top flight cast including Sidney Poitier and Ben Kingsley. Great moments of unraveling mysteries and filled with quality gags that don't undermine the suspense. Most action comedies tilt too heavily one way or the other but <i>Sneakers</i> finds the perfect balance from start to finish.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 19, 2011
    A team of hackers must steal a mysterious black box. At the time, before the Internet became as ubiquitous as it is, this must have seemed cutting edge and revolutionary. Today, it doesn't play as well and must rely on the strength of its cast, which, on first glance, promises to be quite good. But midway through the film, I got the feeling that these were just actors having fun being actors. What results is a fairly basic thriller/comedy, and while it's entertaining, in the words of one critic, "There's precious little that will stay with you." Overall, <i>Sneakers</i> is a decent way to waste two hours, but don't go looking for anything more than light-hearted entertainment.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Apr 20, 2011
    What a cast - Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell and Ben Kingsley!! This tale of intrigue and high-tech suspense is fun to watch as a team of Hackers are hired to hack into systems to see how tight their security is and if they are as safe as they think. It really gets exciting as they go after this "black box" that can decrypt computer codes whereby they can have access to the FBI, CIA, airports, etc but when the past of one of the hackers catches up with them this puts all of their lives in danger. Dan Akroyd did a great job playing the role as "Mother" who believes every conspiracy theory ever devised and Redford as the guy who gets all the dangerous tasks or as Poitier puts it "all the fun stuff." Ben Kingsley plays the maniacal Cosmo with his two cold-blooded operatives, Timothy Busfield and Eddie Jones.
    Deb S Super Reviewer

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