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½ November 23, 2017
Direct-to-video sequel almost 10 years after the original is buoyed by a strong performance from Tom Berenger, returning as the titular sniper, and solid action direction form Craig R. Baxley, who directed the underrated "I Come in Peace." Berenger's Marine sniper character is now retired, but is called back for a CIA covert op and is once again saddled with a young know-it-all sniper, this time Bokeem Woodbine instead of Billy Zane. As you might expect, the mission ends up being more than Berenger bargained for, but it's nothing all that clever or interesting. As with the first film, the story is the weak point, though this film was minus the first film's focus on stealth and suspense and instead focuses on standard action film pyrotechnics and mayhem, which isn't bad but isn't as unique as the first film. The extended sequence in the original film of Berenger and Zane getting into position to take out a target was unique and a lot of fun. Overall, "Sniper 2" isn't terrible, but it's nothing to go out of your way to watch. Gary Chang provided the film's score.
½ January 18, 2015
How best to describe just how bad this film is? Well, if "Everything Wrong with Sniper 2 in x minutes or less" were to do a piece on this film it would last longer than the film itself. X might run to 180 or more. The only advantage might be that there would be no spoilers because that would presuppose a plot. It takes real effort to make a film this bad and the writers and director deserve credit for that at least.
The film is so full of inconsistencies, twists in the narrative, illogical characters that one imagines that this could only have been written by several people: none of whom were given the opportunity to read the others' work before shooting started. Tom Berenger's performance was not phoned in as the popular saying goes, but posted by snail mail. And it seems to have arrived, again, after shooting started.
I suspect that the only redeeming quality to this film is that it is interesting for people who like to yell at their screens about how bad or unbelievable what they are seeing really is. The only problem there is that they'd have to watch it several times because by yelling they'd miss some bits that they will certainly want to yell about in the next go round. No one can write fast enough to note all the problems in one sitting even.
Oh, and in case you thought to just watch it with a cocktail in hand for the stunts, violence and action. Hold the tomato juice.
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January 2, 2015
Sniper 1 was really a great movie and one of the best Tom Berenger have made along with Platoon. This time he have some job in a city. Not in the same level as the first movie but okey sequel and there is a 3rd sniper movie aswell.
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June 26, 2014
Sequel to the Tom Berenger low budget action film Sniper basically takes the same idea and recycles it into a new plot. The film lacks anything that really stands out, therefore it just becomes a tiresome affair, one that continues the tradition of cashing in on its more successful predecessor by delivering something familiar, and in doing so, it ends up being a mediocre to decent affair, one that could have been good, but never becomes anything memorable due to lacking performances, poor story, and forgettable thrills. This film could have been exciting and worth seeing if only the filmmakers would have applied themselves a bit more, instead of just relying on old, formulaic ideas. I can understand that the idea is a sniper behind enemy lines, and it's a terrific idea, but there could have been so many ways to pull off a sequel. The result here is more of the same, but it just feels watered down. Though there are exciting action sequences, there is also the fact it just tries too hard at outdoing the original while threading the same ground. Sniper is a film that didn't necessitate a sequel. Diehard fans of the first might enjoy this, but for viewers of action films wanting a bit more out of the film, this sequel won't satisfy. S a whole, Sniper lingers the fine line of mediocre to decent, but it's a film that overall disappoints, and shows that the original didn't need a sequel. Sniper should have been a standalone film, as the ideas in this follow-up are never really that great, in fact it's a clichéd plot that is far too predictable at times.
½ August 10, 2013
Considering that Sniper 2 is a mere direct-to-DVD action film, it actually a pretty good one. I actually liked it a bit more than the first one and found that Tom Berenger kept a strong lead and made a cool duo with Bokeem Woodbine.
½ June 2, 2013
Very good movie, I recommend seeing the first movie before watching this one though
September 12, 2012
the few action sequences are in most cases excellent, but they still can't hide this cliched movie about snipers escaping a deserved death. quite boring actually. too much talking, not enough action.
July 2, 2012
really good movie .. a must see after you see the first lol
½ April 24, 2012
SNIPER 2 came on cable the other stars Tom Berenger. HOLY CRAP BALLS...this movie sucked for me. I turned it off 1/2 way through...just couldn't take it. Don't get me wrong - I'm a fan of SNIPER...but good lord...SNIPER 2 blew. Tom's character - same hard ass sniper...but trying to believe Bokeem Woodbine's sniper self...NOT! and I like the dude. 1/2 for Mr. Tom.
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December 10, 2011
The second in the Sniper series starring Tom Berenger. So his character Beckett is a sniper brought back in to a special mission. But his chances of coming back out of it alive is very slim. This film does not have the same intense action scenes as the original but still solid enough. Berenger is solid in the lead role. I liked him in the original and number three of the series. The story is interesting and the action solid. Not as strong as the original but I liked it. Worth the one time watch. If you liked the original then check it out.
September 10, 2011
I thought this movie was slightly better than the first one and had an interesting story line. It was worth watching and enjoyed watching it.
½ August 23, 2011
After seeing the first Sniper i had high hopes for this one. I was mistaken and found this movie to be a halfassed sequel to the original. Tom Berenger did a pretty decent job with acting but Bokeem Woodbine was weak. I expected more sniping in a movie called Sniper 2 but the majority of the action you get is cars blowing up after being tapped by another car and the standard bad guys who have the shooting accuracy of Stevie Wonder. Overall its a time waster when you have nothing else to do or watch but i wouldn't pay to see it.
June 19, 2011
bad movie. I knew I recognized the black guy from somewhere "Yo, y'all *nwords act tough like Bokeem Woodbine / Until you get slapped like Penny from Good Times", the russian chick was fine in the movie though.
May 6, 2011
my rating or lack thereof should be a snipingly indicative of how poor this movie is
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April 10, 2011
Tom Berenger is superb as the tough, aging Marine ex-sniper Sergeant Thomas Beckett who is lured out of retirement to assassinate a Serbian general believed to be committed atrocities against the Muslim population. He's teamed up with a death row inmate and dropped in enemy territory. The mission goes well, Beckett kills his mark but then things take a terrible twist. The rest of the film is a rather exciting adventure where things are not what they seem to be.
January 22, 2011
Some ok parts, but so many errors
December 5, 2010
It was aiight. Something to watch when I couldn't sleep one night. Acting was average. Story was average.
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December 2, 2010
I'm normally a pretty big fan of military action flicks, but this film just wasn't that interesting. Berenger is good as always, and Bokeem Woodbine is good as his spotter, but aside from that, I can't say anything else good about this film. It really just seems like a watered-down version of Behind Enemy Lines with a little bit of Enemy at the Gates thrown in for the hell of it. See the first Sniper, but avoid this film.
October 24, 2010
"We have the same goal, you and me. A world free of hate. I just hope to get there without blood."
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