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October 8, 2017
Best movie ever in my opinion
August 4, 2016
This is another poor film, script and shoot em up, I wish they had all just got it over with in 20 mins, DVD and Pizza, the Pizza would win.
May 28, 2016
It had a decent start. The action was solid but the movie had a very slow pace and only had a couple good parts.
½ February 28, 2015
I have to give it minor props, because it was just enough to keep me watching, but the whole time I was wondering why they didn't do this or that in a less dumb way. It is Direct to disc though, so temper expectations.
½ September 7, 2014
Although the Sniper series had been fairly crap, I figured it wouldn't hurt to see it all come to an end and see Billy Zane come back to the series.

Sniper 2 was the only film in the series I really enjoyed, and the only consistent value of the series was the presence of Tom Berenger. So with him absent in Sniper: Reloaded, my expectations for the film were even lesser. While that was a good move, the bad decision was that I didn't set my standards low enough because while there was a certain level of cheap fun in the first three sniper films, Sniper: Reloaded came up much shorter in quality than I could have expected.
Sniper: Reloaded is one of those films which was produced on a low budget and not subtle about showing it. Released direct to DVD, Sniper: Reloaded has the production value of a YouTube action movie and not half the fun of one. It is mostly composed of meaningless scenes depicting thinly sketched dialogue between cheap characters. This makes the film a massive step down from its already low standard predecessors mainly because of the fact that it becomes too much about trying to establish depth. Fans of the Sniper series are less likely to find the story in the film appealing than the action scenes, but unfortunately the focus in the film is all wrong. There is too much emphasis on the story which takes itself way too seriously and is damaged by the presence of a lackluster script which leaves essentially no cliche absent.
While Sniper was a flawed film, it at least kept its preferences primary focused on action and trying to make meaning out of the life of a sniper. It failed, but it at least made the effort. In Sniper 2, the film stepped it up because it focused solely on the action and attempting to remain engaging from the instant it started the action. Sniper 3 was poor form again, but the action was good. In Sniper: Reloaded, the quality and quantity of action hits an all new low point, and Tom Berenger is not there to mask it. It is ridiculously cheap, cheaper than I had expected after even sitting through the made for tv and direct to DVD preqiels to this film. Sniper was not a great series, but Sniper: Reloaded represents a new low point for it with excessively low production values and a distinct lack of thrills an exhileration. All that Sniper: Reloaded turns out to be is a waste of potential because considering the quality of the locations used in the film and some decent cinematography, Sniper: Reloaded could have been a decent guilty pleasure if it were more focused on crafting a high quantity of good action than on spewing out its repetitive and unorginal premise.
The action scenes in Sniper: Reloaded are not up to par. They aren't especially bad, but they are too little in quantity, too short in timespan, lacking in atmosphere or exhileration and most importantly are short on sniping. For a film with the word sniper in the title, Sniper: Reloaded does not put enough use to the fact that its characters are snipers and instead has them engage in cheaply crafted close combat shootouts. Some of the sniper moments are well executed, but they are way too insufficient in quantity and are surrounded by action scenes of a lesser quality which do nothing to strengthen it. So for an action film, Sniper: Reloaded comes up short in the action department. And that is worse than the lacklustre story, slow pace and dull script. That should single handily dictate to you precisely how bad the film is, and it is no surprise that the film comes off as being nothing but a cheap bore. Sniper: Reloaded is way too focused on its story which is generic and so its action scenes are intended as the reliable source of entertainment. When they falter, that becomes the clear breaking point for Sniper: Reloaded and establishes that it is literally nothing but a bad film.
The cast in Sniper: Reloaded end up being a minor positive element in the film,
Billy Zane's screen time in Sniper: Reloaded is minimal, second only to his actual relavance to the story. The fact that the filmmakers were able to get him back for the film is good, but what they do for him in the film is not. Billy Zane is clearly the most famous person to have the slightest involvement with Sniper: Reloaded, and yet he plays second fiddle to Chad Michael Collins who does not have the same legacy. He is a genial presence in the film considering his minor legacy, but there is notr enough of him. It's a shame because despite the thin nature of his character, he is a likable figure and the support he brings to protagonist Sgt. Brandon Beckett is a nice touch. But still, he is a wasted asset. The fact that Billy Zane's career has reduced him to appearing in low budget direct to DVD films like this, Mercenaries and The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption is pretty depressing. Still, he remains one of the few illuminating qualities in Sniper: Reloaded.
Chad Michael Collins' presence in the film is decent because he does look a lot like the son of Tom Berenger which makes him convincing in his role. And as far as lead performances go he could have gone a lot worse because while his performance was far from perfect and his emotions were not on par all that much, but he did supply a certain slight sense of determination to the part and carried his weapon confidently. His presence in the film is decent solely because of how he looks like Tom Berenger which means that he supplies more than the average star of a Direct to DVD action vehicle does, so he's not all that bad.

So Sniper: Reloaded lives up to the standard of direct to DVD action films by having a generic story and sun-par action moments, but even goes beneath them by maintaining an excessive focus on its generic story and a distinctly small quantity of action moments which ensures that it even fails to reach the standard set by its low quality predecessors.
August 18, 2014
I'm sorry. I only recognize Billy Zane, from "The Phantom" & "Going Overboard." & I'm watching this in Spanish.
Super Reviewer
June 26, 2014
Mediocre final to the Sniper franchise, this fourth film is a bland, unimpressive to a series of films that never really stood out. The film's problem here is that, instead of developing on the third film, which was decent fun, Sniper reloaded just waters down the film's story, and in turn it becomes a tiresome, dull affair that never takes off. Add to that, poor performances and a sheer lack of wanting to make a good film by the filmmakers, and you have a final film that ends up being mediocre. There could have been many ways how they could have ended the series, and to be honest, I always felt that Sniper never needed three sequels. The film should have been a standalone feature because the material never had enough angles to really create an awesome series of films. Overall the films ranged from mediocre to decent, and as a whole the series is quite forgettable. Sniper Reloaded just lacks anything really entertaining, and it recycles the tiresome ideas and adds some bland performances that are highly forgettable. If you're going into this film expecting a great action film, you'll sadly be disappointed. The film is strictly for viewers who are diehard fans of the series, and even then, there are things that lack and won't satisfy genre fans. This film really could have been a fun end to a series of films that should have been something quite good. This is standard Straight to DVD stuff, a film that leaves a lot to be desired, and it shows in the final film, which just feels like a lazy, uninteresting action film.
October 5, 2013
An entertaining movie. It won't blow your mind, but this movie is different in the way that actors and dialogue aren't extremely glamourized, either due to clever setting or small budget. It's gritty and the kills carry impact, so it holds up.
½ August 31, 2013
A lot more than I expected and to be fair I wasn't expecting too much. A lot of
Good action scenes and in the last scene there is a connection between that and a scene earlier in the movie that I liked.
½ August 30, 2013
One of the worst movies I have seen in awhile. Stay well clear of this one.
½ June 22, 2013
stopped watching soon as i saw how jacked up they got the marine corps uniforms. Like they couldn't spend 2 seconds to look at pictures of marines and what they look like.
April 26, 2013
I was confused at first but it was pretty cool after that
½ January 11, 2013
The Africa scenery with animals surroundings are good, but the plot is weak anyway. So far so good for a sniper movie.
½ January 8, 2013
Best sniper movie to watch...
½ November 24, 2012
You guys got it wrong,Beckett taught Miller not the other way around.
October 8, 2012
Have you ever seen a movie and wondered "if someone were going to ruin this type of movie how would they do it?" Yup you guessed it this is in fact that movie.

First after watching this movie I truly wondered if it were possible to make a movie with (sniper) in the title with less sniping. Secondly the entire movie is not about snipers its about a soldier trying to get as far away from sniping as possible because in his words "its a cowards way of fighting". Then there is the laughable acting, almost no one in that movie knew what real emotion was supposed to look like so they just acted the best they could in hopes of attaining some shred of realism.. utter failure. Plot line, um what plot line it was just an endless scene of a guy angry about his buddies getting killed and running back to get revenge as if that's supposed to be heroic, more like pathetic and exactly what no marine would ever do in a situation like that.
½ June 29, 2012
Billy Zane ... How can you go wrong? Actually Zane was good ... the rest of the cast looked like they were reading cue cards. What I can say ... better than 2 and 3.
April 27, 2012
Good easy flick to watch with decent gunfights
½ April 12, 2012
On my to see list...Best that I can say is that I've seen it. Billy Zane...Hair on or hair off you can't have it both ways. The action was good, but the movie dragged some...
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