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July 10, 2017
November 14, 2016
It's boring, it's cheap and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but the ending is so shocking and out of the blue that it helps ease the pain of the trippy Jess Franco-like nonsense that precedes it.
½ January 12, 2015
Knowing that this started life as a splatter film and had a silly snuff film ending added later sort of adds to the low budget charm of this one, but it's definitely not for everyone.

December 22, 2014
This film directed by Roberta & Michael Findlay is NOT an actual snuff film. This originally started life as a low budget South American flick entitled "The Slaughter" about a Manson style gang of cycle sluts lead by a chap called Sa-Tan, who go around killing people. This film did a brief tour of South America then sat on the shelf for many years before being snapped up by a New York distributor who tagged on an additional 5 minute ending. At the end of the film we see the film crew on one of the sets, who then grab an unfortunate actress and proceed to cut off her fingers and pull offal from under her T-shirt. This movie is still believed by many to be genuine snuff to this day and was another one of the movies responsible for starting the "Video Nasties" furore
½ March 3, 2014
Once-notorious low-budget exploitation film, atrociously acted.
½ December 16, 2013
Unapologetic crap. Pure exploitation at its lowest. Plenty of nudity with ridiculous murder scenes. Strangely, the filmmakers seem to be making a poor attempt at a feminist film. A few editorial choices are surprisingly artsy and the story does get quite "nasty" at times. Still, it's a painful experience to sit through and not necessarily in a good way (especially the dubbing. The film is actually an Argentinian flick called Slaughter, made by a husband and wife. The American producer slapped on a new ending and re-titled it. Pretty pathetic.) Truthfully, it actually helped the term "snuff movie" become a household name. The highlight is undoubtedly the final five minutes, where the "snuff" angle shows its ugly face. From a certain point of view, the final death scene is actually remarkably disturbing.

It makes you wonder just how far from the truth is it? Many actresses have had humiliating and painful memories of being on a film set and clearly there are countless filmmakers out there who aren't exactly trustworthy. In this case, there aren't even any screen credits of people to point your finger at. All of which I suppose adds to the "snuff" illusion. Apparently, the actress being killed at the end, did have a panic attack during filming and she ran off the set hysterical because she thought they were actually going to kill her. This self-reflective approach is similar to what the French New Wave were all about. It's as if Godard lost his mind and decided to make a video nasty. The notorious ending also was an early pre-cursor to the reality TV craze. The American producer spent only 5,000 for Slaughter but after releasing it with this new ending, the film made him a killing. This found footage approach would become more popular four years later with Cannibal Holocaust. At any rate, Snuff is the kind of movie where its mythology is far more interesting than the end result.
½ December 9, 2012
This film is poorly done, awfully shot, and underwhelming at all times. I would write a really long review for this, but there is absolutely nothing to say about this crap. I have a film called "Snuff" being released in 2013, and it is a shame that my film shares the same name as this shit.
½ August 15, 2012
AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL! This weeks 'Video Nasty'. Review due as usual on Saturday morning.
September 18, 2011
The director hired protesters so the movie would gain popularity. Good idea, but I don't enjoy these types of films.
Keiko A. --Samurai--
Super Reviewer
½ July 7, 2011
Snuff? The only film my Dad every walked out on in the 70s, Not because he was affended (He would be the lasy guy) But it was SOOOOO BORING.

Snuff is a film that is really about Easy Rider meet's The manson family...Despite was it is told to be...It has nothing to do with Snuff film...The ending is the only thing that stop's me from giving it a zero.
½ April 29, 2011
Hmm what is a Snuff film? It is supposed to be a term meaning that someone needs to die for commercial entertainment purposes...And well Snuff wasn't really directors Michael Findlay, Roberta Findlay original version or title. There movie was something more to do with a Manson cult under the title of Slaughter. But because the distributer wanted more gore they decide to cash in on the Snuff urban legend and decide a title. Distributor Shackleton reportedly hired fake protesters to picket movie theatres showing the film. This soon became moot when Women Against Pornography began staging real protests, outraged at the film's purported imagery of sexual violence. The group's protest received coverage by such media outlets as the CBS Evening News.

Simply of story of when a few young girls have a run in with a Manson cult that decide to slaughter them to please their dark lord but until one escapes and the film ends with some gritty and fake Snuff footage of the crew murdering the young teen.

Look I liked the story okay there is nothing better than watching a supposed fake Snuff film at midnight with your girlfriend. And of course her looking away at all the disgusting acts of violence. But overall it was enjoyable nothing really ever gets boring and the ending we see a suppose real girl get killed in front of the camera.
The acting is pretty good for a cast we have never heard of (And who never appeared in another film) but their lack of direction can annoy a viewer (Not the ending though). The special effects are pretty good but they were the best by the end I can't deny that with the girl getting murdered. But overall disgusting vile stuff.
Here are some facts I found.

The final scene involving the simulated murder of a cast member was shot much later than the rest of the film at the behest of the film's distributor.

The interpolated murder sequence at the end of the film was shot in the New York production studio of adult film director Carter Stevens.

The voice of "Carmela" was dubbed in by Roberta Findlay and is uncredited. The Carmela character is seen here in archive footage from The Slaughter (1971).

A limited edition, numbered Blue Underground Region 0 DVD was available. Playing with the 'cheapness' motif of the film the case is made to look like a brown paper bag. There are also no menus, no chapter stops and no special features. This version is uncut. (Also my disappointing DVD .)

Overall an okay Cult suicide flick that's for some die hard gore fans and I am sure anyone who has late nights will enjoy it. And my final verdict is underrated and recommended.
½ April 2, 2011
First off, Snuff is not a snuff film even though it was the film that fueled the urban legend about the existence of snuff films. Instead, it is merely an Argentinian exploitation film that takes the Manson family murders as its inspiration. Ultimately, the final moments of the film do problematize the line between fiction and reality or between horror and snuff, but the film is otherwise stupid throughout. A fun, humorous, and at times brutal piece of cinema, Snuff is otherwise an over-hyped, disappointing piece of exploitation/horror cinema.
Super Reviewer
½ February 5, 2011
Quite a poor film to start off with about a Manson-esque murder cult. It was due to the last 3 minute 'scene' that created a whole lot of controversy. Up until that ending it's not particularly gruesome or exciting and is generally uninteresting. It's like the makers have concocted some half-ass film just to set you up for the shock reveal at the end. It'll be a tough task to sit through this again though.
August 29, 2010
Well, wanted to watch this movie for a long time. A classic ofcourse but Nothing close to Deodatto or Climati's films. Maybe the very realistic effects & italian direction of those films stands a reason behind the difference. But still it's a must watch movie for the Blood and Gore movie fans. Well, we already know, Mondo and Snuff genres were never been appreciated by the audience . As I go by watching newly released horror films every time, can surely tell these genres will be back to the industry in no time. Damn!
July 29, 2010
I saw SNUFF and BLOODSUCKING FREAKS when I was 12 or 13 years old (on video in 1984), and it (along with JOHN BOORMAN'S DELIVERENCE) TOTALLY "messed-me-up."

Are images HARMFUL to children?


a 13 year old may not realize that he's watching a comedy;

and the BRAIN-SUCKING and CASTRATION and QUARTERING (where they sever all four limbs from a woman's body in EXPLICIT and GRAPHIC detail)

may seem kind of serious to the 13 year old kid watching it.

In fact, anyone with kids 12 and 13 years old: make them watch this film and see how they react to see if I'm joking or not.

Figure its an experiment:

CAN an image actually be HARMFUL to 12 and 13 year old children?

(try it out guys and report back to me) ha ha ha ha

--Another "DAMAGING" scene I saw as a kid is the "cut" of the film SNUFF appearing in FILMGORE where the "Snuff-film maker" cuts-up a-girl-lying-on-a-bed with an electric wood-saw . . .

to me, at 13 years old), I wondered if the scene was real since there REALLY ARE snuff-movies out-there where dudes actually murder people on camera and then clandestinely pass-around the (usually 8mm footage).

When The snuff-film maker DID sever the lady's hand from her arm, the fingers DID twitch as though it were a real hand.

(so, what's a 13 year old supposed to think?
a real woman had her hand sawed-off and her real-hand was twitching on the bed with a lot of blood leaking from it.
Its called SNUFF, there are real SNUFF-films in existence

therefore the hand is real; a woman's hand was really sawed-off her wrist; at least to a 13 year older's rationale.

I "grew-up" working in my family's funeral home so death and decay is pretty commonplace to my life-experiences up to that age, but

JOHN BOORMAN'S DELIVERANCE where one guy screws another guy over a log in the woods

SNUFF, where a woman literally gets SAWED-APART on a bed

and the aforementioned BLOODSUCKING FREAKS

totally screwed with my 13-year-old mind.


You guys are probably CRACKING-UP heartily,
well, if you have children of your own or nieces or nephews who are around 12 or 13 sit them down to watch DELIVERANCE, BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, and FILMGORE (and/or SNUFF)

to see if either of the three movies screws with their heads.

again, figure you're doing an experiment to see if images really are HARMFUL to children.

Remember, show BLOODSUCKING FREAKS to a 12 or 13 year old kid;
as adults, BLOODSUCKING FREAKS wouldn't seem real so the experiment won't work on an adult; try it only on kids.

and then tell me how the kid reacted. I'm interested in your results.
CAN images actually HARM CHILDREN; is the question.
ha ha ha ha ha
½ July 29, 2010
Terrible movie. So badly overacted through-out. Only notorious because of the tacked on ending which appears to show the main actress killed by the crew of the film - maybe due to her acting LOL
Only interesting fact about it is that the director was killed on the roof of the Pan Am building in NY by a helicopter blade. Possibly decapitated. Maybe God is a film critic.
½ July 29, 2010
Why would this movie be notorious it's thumping bad!
½ July 29, 2010
Huvittavan huono räpellys.
½ July 17, 2010
If you want evidence that the distributors of grindhouse exploitation films were some of the biggest marketing geniuses in history, look no further than the infamous "Snuff"; all they needed was a great tagline ("The film that could only be made in South America... where life is CHEAP!") and the promise of actual real-life snuff footage, and the distributors had succeeded in creating enough controversy to make a great deal of money even though the film itself was less than garbage. The brunt of "Snuff" is actually some godawful unreleased film from Argentina about a Manson-like cult leader (named Satan!) that is utterly boring, makes very little sense and contains atrocious dubbing that sounds like the actors are reading their lines for the first time off of index cards (though there are laughs to be had from the flat delivery of dialogue like "Pig! Filthiest of animals! I will cut your heart from your body and feed it to the dogs!"). Anyway, there is no actual snuff to be found in "Snuff" at all until the last five minutes, where some newly shot, supposedly "real" footage of a woman being slaughtered is randomly tacked on to the end of the Argentinan movie, and the audience is supposed to believe that the film crew got carried away and "murdered" one of the actresses; the footage is certainly extremely gruesome, but the whole thing looks about as real as a gore scene in a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie. I have to admit, however that it must have been fun to live in a time period where people were naive enough to think that an actual snuff film would actually be shown in an American theatre.
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