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½ October 11, 2014
Watched this on an overnight campaign bus trip to Kentucky and Ohio to remind us what is at stake every time we are knocking doors. Grassroots politics is key and without the ground game the candidates suffer.

Complete with the important players' perspectives on the 2004 race and how it played out, this is good for anyone interested in politics and power.
July 27, 2010
Re-live the horror of Bush stealing another election, not biased (if that matters to you).
April 23, 2009
eye-opening doc about the electoral process in the US with ohio during the 04 presidential election serving as a microcosm of the nation as a whole
March 15, 2009
A great insight into the American political system. I am fascinated with how the Republicans managed to utilise the apathetic republican voters to gain power. It is interesting as it is a tactic you could never use in Australia with its compulsary voting system. Good film.
½ September 27, 2008
Sad. Really just kicks you in the teeth, and that is not to say it is poorly done. From the interesting (and distressingly), real characters, to the Tubular Bells/Carpenter-esque horror movie score, the thing is quite an experience. It was definitely a picture of that moment in time.
July 9, 2008
When I started to watch this movie I thought it was more about voter fraud than how horrible the Democrats did during the 04 election. I got frustrated watching this movie and we turned it off and watched Simpsons reruns instead.
½ April 24, 2008
Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. For those of us still a little bitter about '04, this documentary can be a little hard to watch, but the lessons are important. A surprisingly even-handed look at how the Bush-Cheney folks got a president who couldn't run on his record reelected and how we Democrats were out-scripted and out-organized.
March 10, 2008
So depressing. Fuck you, Ohio!
February 26, 2008
interesting look at the impact of Ohio, and although my candidate didn't win, it showed the state's impact and the issues at hand and what mattered to the candidates.
February 1, 2008
A nice look at a few of the small pieces that make up the whole election puzzle. Sort of fair to both sides. A little too easy on John Kerry for being a terrible candidate. A little too conspiracy-minded about the Bush win. But the biggest flaw is that it talks like it's the big picture when it's really just a bit of the picture. In that way it lacks the great virtue of Alexandra Pelosi's Journeys with George, which frankly admits and displays the narrowness of its "lens" on the election of 2000. Still, an interesting look at the political process "on the ground."
½ January 24, 2008
Del Deo & Stern's exhaustive study of the ups and downs of the 2004 US Presidential Campaign in Ohio provides powerful lessons for next time.
January 14, 2008
My boss and precinct office is in this documentary about the 2004 election--I keep looking for me...
½ December 31, 2007
Really good documentary on the 2004 election. Mostly unbiased and direct, it really shows how the political monster works.
December 30, 2007
Pretty interesting look at the 2004 presidential campaign. Worth viewing, especially in the coming months.
Super Reviewer
December 14, 2007
A well done documentary about the electoral process, specifically in Ohio. While it could be a little clearer about the overall campaigning system, there are far too many documentaries which cover that process. Instead, it takes a broader strategic view, uses the 2004 elections as a case study, and puts many of the events in context.

Clear, well done, and really does an excellent job at remaining neutral. Still, by being neutral, it doesn't get to have a feel-good "go do something" ending... which is needed to keep any political documentary from becoming a downer.
½ December 7, 2007
Let's face it.... Republicans are just better at business, its amazing how easily douped us
Americans can be. I guess it goes along with our consumer culture. The Dem's think that 08 is already a slam dunk, but I'm telling you it'll be closer than you think. I mean Chuck Norris endorses Huckabee and all the sudden he's a serious contender. Who knows what'll happen in the next year.....
December 5, 2007
I recorded this on IFC...sounds interesting.
December 3, 2007
A very well-made, balanced documentary. A look at how both sides fought for votes in Ohio in 2004.
½ November 15, 2007
I good look at the behind the scenes strategies politicians use. Very interesting doc.
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