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½ June 28, 2008
"I was going to kill myself, but then I went and bought one of those cattle-prods they sell in sex shops." Yes, this is the best line from the movie. You do the rest.
June 7, 2008
Almost a gay tribute to Cronenberg, both in invoking the sexuality of "Crash" and the "body horror" style he basically invented. Standard low-budget genre problems apply, but it's worth a look.
June 1, 2008
ummm.. wtf? Ok I can't complain too much because it was a bold thriller.. but.. they really need to hire a lead actor thats sympathetic to some degree... bizarre and creepy nonsense. Matt Montgomery continues to impress me though.
May 16, 2008
Oh Dios... esto se pasa de bizarro. Un fetiche con la electricidad? Enchufes y tomacorrientes en las muñecas? El puntaje se lo doy por los actores (muy lindos, para nada talentosos) y las escenas de porno softcore.
May 14, 2008
Wastn' bad...slow at times.
April 20, 2008
Now this storyline soundz kinda intresting
April 14, 2008
Good, refreshing story although some dialogues are lame.
April 8, 2008
When a surgeon get struck by lightning he becomes obessed with electricity. He obession borders on addiction.
Super Reviewer
April 1, 2008
Cronenberg-influenced gay themed horror flick with people that have prongs in their arms because they're addicted to electricity.
July 4, 2007
This should be interesting. Want to see it.
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