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Soft Beds, Hard Battles (Party for Hitler) (Undercovers Hero) Reviews

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½ August 30, 2009
One of Peter Sellers' post-The Party, pre-Return of the Pink Panther, uber-depressing "comedies." He plays basically every male role in this and isn't good in any of them. The only thing funny about it is the American Title --- Undercovers Hero.
½ August 4, 2008
When you compare this to the other earlier Sellers/ Boulting efforts, this comes across as nothing more than a terrible Confessions film. However, it does have some merits. Sellers' portrayal as the Gestapo officer Herr Shroeder is excellent and very funny, but unfortunately this is all thats actually any good about it.
Sellers' career was at a real nadir at this point and it would take Return of The Pink Panther to put him back ontop again. Only really for Selers die-hards.
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