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½ July 31, 2017
Pensé que eran fantasmal al comienzo, luego que eran zombies asesinos, pero no comen gente. Ni idea. al final la matan.
½ December 20, 2016
In many ways, Sole Survivor feels like an early-80s harbinger of the Final Destination films--a woman survives a plain crash and becomes enmeshed a supernatural series of events because of it. But, in many ways, Sole Survivor proves a more satisfying film than of the Final Destination series because it never personifies Death in same, stupid way as those films. Instead, it becomes a creepy, supernatural thriller that focuses more upon eeriness than elaborate death scenes. Sole Survivor is not ultimately a great film, but it does manage to employ a relatively original plot to decently creepy ends. Fans of 80s horror cinema will most likely enjoy it.
½ November 2, 2016
Remarkably underrated chiller with shades of Carnival of Souls and Let's Scare Jessica To Death. Anita Skinner plays Denise, the recent survivor of a terrible plane crash who's starting to believe that death isn't finished with her. One can see elements of this in the Final Destination series, but Sole Survivor's trying to play a different, slightly more mature game, all the while giving us a very interesting take in the zombie subgenre. Skinner, who looks a good deal like Chloe Sevingy, happens to be a great heroine and the mood and atmosphere are so thick, you could cut them with a knife. Just wait until the horrifyingly downbeat and haunting ending. This one's a real lost classic.
½ May 18, 2016
Pretty cool movie about the sole survivor of a plane crash and her strange life afterwards. Very much the inspiration for the movie It Follows as well as providing the original concept of the Final Destination franchise.
January 28, 2014
Watchable film about the (duh) sole survivor of a plane crash who begins to see strange apparitions around her in the days following the accident.

Predates the Final Destination franchise by a decade or so and gives some similar themes and chills.

Worth a rental.
½ October 29, 2012
Much better than what idiots on Flixster will tell you.
½ October 27, 2012
Death tries to even the score with a woman who cheats it as the sole survivor of a plane crash. Liked the poster with the digital font. I'll remember this for the actress who does over 100 takes for a coffee commercial without getting it right.
September 1, 2012
A smart and well-paced film that obviously went on to inspire Final Destination. The build up is steady and the music wonderfully builds the terror of the each scene.
July 15, 2012
Sole survivor of an airplane crash is haunted by visions of the other crash victims. It's what happens when you mix anti-depressants and alcohol. Good box cover probably increased video rentals substantially.
½ May 5, 2012
Genuinely frightening horror film that grabs the viewer and won't let go. Eerie, creepy and boasts a clever ending.
December 24, 2011
Starts off well, the second act drags, and the third act tries to make up for lost time by wrapping up very anticlimactic.
October 22, 2011
Well done, much overlooked horror film. Scary and very creepy.
½ August 8, 2011
With "Final Destination 5" hitting theaters soon I found it fitting to revisit the 1983 low budget horror film "Sole Survivor", a wonderful forgotten picture that the lame higher budgeted "Final Destination" franchise totally ripped off. Seriously it's amazing how many high budget Hollywood films rip-off low budget rarely seen films from a decade or two before with no credit. There's just enough difference in the plots to not to warrant a legal battle, unlike Michael Bay's "The Island" which completely ripped off "Parts: The Clonus Horror" scene by scene.

A hard working commercial producer miraculously survives and is the sole survivor of a tragic airplane crash. Soon peculiar things begin to happen as you see she wasn't supposed to survive. Now death wants her and soon recently dead corpses rise up to drag her sorry soul to her 'final destination.' Can she outwit Death with the help of a her concerned doctor boyfriend?

The creep factor is high in this engrossing horror thriller as director Thom Eberhardt (more famous for his cult classic "Night of the Comet") crafts each scene to the max with well paced suspense. There are a few scenes that will get your hair to stand up on end... like a scene where a corpse chases our survivor in a dark parking garage. CREEPY!

Budget restraints does hurt the film from time to time. An example is the opening plane crash which can't even be shown. We instead watch a black monitor showing a blip disappear and then we read about the crash. The acting can also be a little shady at times but hardly terrible. Our lead, Anita Skinner, is obviously a novice and I found her performance to be a little less than engaging. The same can be said for our love interest Kurt Johnson as his wooden performance hardly makes his love for our survivor truly seem real.

Even with its few flaws "Sole Survivor" ranks along "Dead & Buried" as one of the best forgotten horror films I have ever seen. Seriously why isn't this film better known? Sure the acting can be a little blow par at times but the sure handed direction and engrossing plot will be sure to suck any horror fan in... unless of course you are one of those horror fans that believes horror is ONLY blood and guts with no suspense or atmosphere. I say hunt this gem down and watch it before any of the shitty "Final Destination" sequels. I recommend buying the Code Red DVD as soon as possible as rumor has it will being going out of print.
½ July 16, 2011
I should stop watching my October viewings in Summer but the urge to watch this was stronger. Ambitious, creepy and some humor. Great movie.
½ July 12, 2011
Death tries to even the score with a woman who cheats it as the sole survivor of a plane crash. Liked the poster with the digital font. I'll remember this for the actress who does over 100 takes for a coffee commercial without getting it right.
June 21, 2011
Well, I thought it was VERY FRIGHTENING. The girl escapes Death and Death manipulates dead bodies to scare The Girl to death . . . Final Destination ripped-off this movie but it looks like the people who made Final Destination simply had the same idea as the makers of Sole Survivor. . . .
so, Final Destination is not a rip-off.

Good Heavens is this movie scary . . . to me at least. Especially with the little girl at the morgue who died in a boating accident scaring The Girl.

you know, SOLE SURVIVOR actually rips-off CARNIVAL OF SOULS.

Both are terrific movies. (In my opinion).

I'll bet most RT viewers would say WTF to this one. (but I always "Over-assume" what other people think)
May 26, 2011
Did you think Final Destination was original? Did you think it was a refreshingly new concept that has never been used? Well, if you did, you obviously haven't seen this superior, suspenseful shocker. It has almost the EXACT same plot line as the Final Destination movies, but with more scares and suspense. When I first read the concept, I wasn't too drawn in. Here it is: "A woman survives a plane crash and soon after that, she sees mysterious people staring at her everywhere she goes. Is death after her?" Ummm...people STARING at her? Oh, how frightening! Well, there's actually something very, very creepy about these people that you find out 30 min. into the film. In this movie, literally NO ONE is safe, as Death picks off the woman who survived (her name is Denise) and her friends. It's kind of slow at times, but is altogether a very nice viewing experience. There's not that much blood (besides the grisly plane accident early in the film), but Sole Survivor sacrifices gore for suspense and scares, making this a definite buy. It was released on DVD by Code Red about a year ago, with all-new special features. If you ask me, it's worth the purchase. Just remember: Death is like a computer; it may make a mistake, but it WILL find it and it WILL fix it.
November 26, 2010
And final destination thinks its original, ha! Original and creepy top to bottom.
September 29, 2010
Awesome horro plot but should be remade.
½ April 1, 2010
L'ancêtre de la série des "Final Destination", une femme survie à un crash aérien mais ça ne veut pas dire qu'elle est tirée d'affaire. Contrairement à la célèbre et récente saga suscité, ce n'est pas la mort elle-même qui pourchasse l'héroïne mais plutôt des personnes mortes. Ca démarre plutôt lentement même si l'atmosphère est pas mal rendue, en fait ça se rapproche davantage d'un thriller avec des éléments surnaturel qu'un film d'horreur. En effet, pas de tuerie ensanglantée mais des scènes sobres, inquiétante qui jouent surtout sur l'ambiance. La palme de la personne flippante revient à l'actrice qui a des visions prémonitoires, un personnage que j'ai trouvé plus intéressant que l'héroïne elle-même bien qu'elle s'en sorte pas mal, sa relation avec le docteur est bien amenée, ce ne sont pas des ados mais des adultes donc le côté guimauve est écarté. Un film très sous estimé, moi même je ne le connaît que depuis peu, mais c'est à voir, au moins pour se rendre compte que le concept de "Final Destination" ne sort finalement pas d'un chapeau !
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