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November 6, 2014
Blah romance has Susan Sarandon as a strength but is almost completely derailed by Steinberg. Not only does he have the screen charisma of a lemming the character he plays is an annoying jerk. The viewer could care less about whether the main couple get together which is fatal to this kind of film.
August 6, 2012
Something short of Annie Hall. This film wants to be Annie Hall so badly but instead is just a tired romantic comedy that unfortunately wastes the talents of its two leads.
½ December 6, 2010
While well intentioned, this movie is something short of paradise as well. David Steinberg (then a well known stand up comedian) seems terribly miscast with a woman (Susan Sarandon) towering over him. Steinberg is no actor for the most part, he never was.

This film wanders through flashback and reality to tell the tale that is actually quite realistic. How people come together is not often real smooth. The bickering, the bad times, the breakups, the make ups. This film has all of them.

She thinks he's too clingy, he thinks she's too uptight, and they have nothing in common. But soon enough, they fall for each other's quirky charms in a roller-coaster romance that takes them on a hilarious and picturesque journey across New York City, where they confront their differences to try to find some common ground, because finding love in the big city ain't easy!

Jean-Pierre Aumont (the French film star)
Joe Grifasi
David Steinberg (lead male actor)
Marilyn Sokol
Susan Sarandon (lead female actress)

Editor: Frank Bracht
Producer: Lester Berman
Screenplay: Fred Barron
Director: David Helpern Jr.
Producer: James C. Gutman
Executive Producer: Michael Ingber
Cinematographer: Walter Lassally
Executive Producer: Herbert Swartz
Composer: Mark Snow
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