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½ September 10, 2018
Deeply moving, heartfelt movie. Hard for me to spot the acting, the characters jumped out off screen, seemed so real to me. I found the entire experience quite endearing, lovely & enchanting. Be sure to have your tissues ready but know it's not in any way manipulative & maudlin. Not at all. a Story in which many can identify.
April 2, 2018
You will spend the time laughing, so you will be surprised to find a tear in your eyes when the film is over. Darin is amazing, and I mean in general. In all he does, but every Argentinian knows that, as he is in all their movies. It's a middle age crisis themed work, surrounded with love and family. Sweet and true.
October 25, 2017
Son of the Bride is a simple family drama about a man who is struggling to find balance in his life. This is the type of film that could easily fall into the kind of sappy melodrama that you?d typically find on the Lifetime network. However, there was something special about the way that this movie was written. It was more realistic in the presentation and, while there were heartfelt moments, it never fell into emotional manipulation. The cast of the film was brilliant, particularly Ricardo Darin. He is the central character, and his journey is what keeps the audience invested. While he often makes choices that would annoy me in most movies, you can sense his confusion and conflict. I found myself sympathizing with what happened to Darin throughout the film, even when he?s being an idiot. The rest of the cast fit their roles so naturally that it was like watching a real family working through their issues. Son of the Bride ends in a satisfying fashion, but without overdoing it with a cheesy Hollywood ending. This is the second movie from Argentina that I have seen which is as good or better than any American movie in the same genre. I recommend anyone who is a fan of this style of film give Son of the Bride a chance.
January 26, 2017
De Juan José Campanella nos lllega esta película en la que Rafael (Ricardo Darín) se encarga del restaurante de la familia en medio de su caótica vida, En medio de este panorama, la relación con su hija, su ex mujer y su padre Nino (Hector Alterio) quién está empeñado en retomar los votos matrimoniales con su esposa Norma (Norma Alejandro) quien sufre de Alzhaimer someterán a Rafael a un complicado panorama emocional que requerirá de mucho aprendizaje y lecciones de vida interesantes
July 19, 2016
Hermosa película! Tierna, muy tierna.
March 15, 2015
A delightful comedy, this Argentinian film. A tender story about an old man that wants to honor his wife, suffering of Alzheimer, now at an asylum, marrying her in a religious ceremony.
½ March 1, 2015
Norma Aleandro está perfecta en su papel
½ December 26, 2014
Costumbrism, incredible jokes (you won't stop laughing), little and precious stories which turn around the character of Ricardo Darin...
September 21, 2014
Excellent movie.!!! I like the fact of how this movie shows the religion takes advantage of faith.
February 2, 2014
Havana Film Festival: Audience Award; OCIC Award; both for Juan José Campanella; 2001.
Montréal World Film Festival: Best Latin-American Feature Film; Special Grand Prize of the Jury; both for Juan José Campanella; 2001.
Valladolid International Film Festival, Valladolid, Spain: Silver Spike, Juan José Campanella; 2001.
Viña del Mar Film Festival, Viña del Mar, Chile: Paoa, Best Supporting Actress, Norma Aleandro; 2001.
Argentine Film Critics Association Awards: Silver Condor; Best Actor, Ricardo Darín; Best Director, Juan José Campanella; Best Editing, Camilo Antolini; Best Film; Best New Actress, Claudia Fontán; Best Original Screenplay, Juan José Campanella and Fernando Castets; Best Supporting Actor, Eduardo Blanco; Best Supporting Actress, Norma Aleandro; 2002.
Cartagena Film Festival: OCIC Award, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
Gramado Film Festival: Audience Award Latin Film Competition, Juan José Campanella; Golden Kikito Latin Film Competition - Best Actress, Norma Aleandro; Kikito Critics Prize Latin Film Competition, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
Lima Latin American Film Festival: Elcine First Prize, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain: CEC Award, Best Supporting Actor, Héctor Alterio; 2002.
Ondas Awards, Barcelona, Spain: Film Award, Best Actress, Natalia Verbeke, (also for El Otro lado de la cama); 2002.
Oslo Films from the South Festival: Audience Award, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
Sant Jordi Awards, Barcelona, Spain: Sant Jordi, Best Foreign Actor, Ricardo Darín (also for La Fuga and Nueve reinas; Best Foreign Film, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
São Paulo International Film Festival, São Paulo, Brazil: Audience Award, Best Feature - Foreign Language, Juan José Campanella; 2002.


Montréal World Film Festival: Grand Prix des Amériques, Juan José Campanella; 2001.
Valladolid International Film Festival: Golden Spike, Juan José Campanella; 2001.
Academy Awards: Oscar; Best Foreign Language Film, Argentina; 2002.
Argentine Film Critics Association Awards: Silver Condor, Best Art Direction, Mercedes Alfonsín; Best Cinematography, Daniel Shulman; Best Music, Ángel Illarramendi; Best Supporting Actor, Héctor Alterio; 2002.
Cartagena Film Festival: Golden India Catalina, Best Film, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain: CEC Award, Best Actor, Ricardo Darín; Best Supporting Actress, Norma Aleandro; 2002.
Gramado Film Festival: Golden Kikito, Latin Film Competition - Best Film, Juan José Campanella; 2002.
December 26, 2013
Sensitive movie!!! Funny and very charming...
May 19, 2013
Rather slow paced and very predictable.
½ February 20, 2013
A lovely film, with a light but decent story and nice performances.
December 26, 2011
it's a good story, and ricardo darin's acting is always great. but i got bored at times.
½ November 14, 2011
Sweet and funny. Oddly enough this was the second film in a row with old people suffering from alzheimers in it. but the comedy was funny, even dick Watson :)
½ November 10, 2011
Prepare to weep! Awesome movie!
October 6, 2011
Notebook, y que Notebook. Si verdaderamente desean ver una pelicula que pueda tocar tantos temas, de una forma armoniosa, agradable e interesante, esta es la pelicula que buscan. Cada personaje esta bien dise~nado, la actriz que interpreto a Norma, tuvo que haber hecho un buen estudio y cada situacion es digna para pensar y reconocer que hay cosas mas importantes en esta vida. Ademas, el dialogo entre Rafael y el sacerdote, no tiene precio. Me la recomendaron en la clase de Derecho de Familia y ha sido de las mejores peliculas que me han recomendado. Notebook no le llega ni a los talones a esta pelicula epica. ALTAMENTE RECOMENDADA.
½ September 7, 2011
I love all Ricardo Darin´s movies. This one is mandatory for his fans, a great movie.
August 12, 2011
Awesome movie ! It made me feel upset then made me laugh then made me upset but soon made me laugh again. It was like lifes itself. Ricardo Darin is incredible! Btw who the hell is Dick Watson? Lol!
½ August 10, 2011
4.7 Dramedy de nivel. Actuaciones remarcables en una película que muestra el devenir del tiempo tal como es: un vaivén agridulce en el que nunca es tarde para aprender. Excelente.
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