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½ February 17, 2013
Fairly boring concert movie.
January 22, 2013
Really great concert footage bogged down a bit by some kinda lame fantasy sequences.
Still, worth it for the great concert footage.
January 22, 2013
This is Best to watch as remains the same..
October 20, 2012
There was a time when I'd watch this everyday. It's awesome.
½ October 9, 2012
One of my favorite rock films that combines concert footage with film stories before MTV came to be. Loved it!
½ October 8, 2012
Great for Led Zep fans
June 24, 2012
my dad luvs Led-Zeppelin, lol and he might yell at me or some thing if i dont rate this, lol :)
½ June 11, 2012
An at times flawed film Documentary showcasing Led Zeppelin at their best. Just ignore the flaws and enjoy their great music
½ May 1, 2012
I like good rock movies
April 19, 2012
I dont care to watch.
April 2, 2012
Although Led Zeppelin and the crew behind this film were very inexperienced and careless often resulting in awkward cuts and edits "The Song Remains The Same" still captures the magic and power of Led Zeppelin and is a must-see for any die hard fan.
March 31, 2012
Whether you dig it for the music, the fantasy sequences or the filmic value, it's a great snapshot of a band at the height of their popularity.
½ March 8, 2012
Only for true fans :)
½ January 21, 2012
I was with a couple of buds, we dropped some E, and watched this movie, I didn't sit down the whole time. I fell in love with Led Zeppelin that night.
½ December 18, 2011
Awesome performances, especially with Page turning his guitar into a violin, and Bonham on Moby Dick. Film is only hurt by the weird self indulgent fantasy sequences.
November 24, 2011
This is kind of useless now after the wealth of Zeppelin live material (both audio and visual) released a few years ago in the form of the Led Zeppelin DVD and How The West Was Won. Shit, even the DVD does the same MSG performance better justice if only because there are no ridiculous fantasy sequences getting in the way. And it's wayyytoofuckinglong.

HOWEVER, it's Led Zeppelin live, in pretty good form, pounding away through their greatest songs up to that point, and the occasional flashes of brilliance are well worth it. Also, much like Some Kind Of Monster, captures the absolute pinnacle of near self-parodical rock-star excess, a portrait of a band who are entitled to do whatever the hell they want.
November 17, 2011
one of the greatest live bands ever
September 3, 2011
An electrically awesome concert film of the legendary band in the Garden as well as fantasy sequences featuring each member. Their big hits, "Stairway to Heaven", "Black Dog", "Rock and Roll", "Whole Lotta Love" and the title track.
July 23, 2011
remember seeing this in Leicester Square and that evening being the only time I have ever ridden on a motor bike and we rode up to central London in the rain to see this.
½ July 6, 2011
I like good rock movies
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