Sophia Antipolis Reviews

July 8, 2019
Vernier doesn't so much tell us a specific story as soak into the emotional feel of a place by following several different ones and this park, intended to create an international community, instead has evolved into a microcosm of society's ills.
April 20, 2019
The story takes on a more fractured quality [...], portraying a wide swath of discontent connected by the discovery of a young girl's dead body.
April 16, 2019
A technology center rotting from within by a slow burn neutron bomb of the soul.
March 21, 2019
In the face of mounting violence, environmental degradation, and insurmountable, private loneliness, Vernier examines the search for cohesion-political, social, spiritual, and corporeal-as a deeply human endeavor.
November 6, 2018
[Director] Virgil Vernier proposes with Sophia Antipolis an elusive essay and a testimonial chronicle at the same time, a fiction of mythical resonances and a reflection on the state of the world. [Full review in Spanish]
November 6, 2018
A compelling exploration of a hidden and haunting part of France.