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July 15, 2013
The greatest show of all time comes to a deep and controversial close with these final 9 episodes. Season 6 Part II is very truly The Sopranos at its very best with some of the best writing and performances I have ever seen. The consequences of the decisions and actions made in the first half of the season now come into effect. The FBI is closer than ever to finally indicting notorious Mafia boss Tony Soprano. Bobby Baccala now becomes Tony's de facto Underboss and number 3 guy much to the dismay of Capo Paulie who formally held this position. The tension of Tony and his nephew Christopher are at its highest yet at its most silent. Christopher finally breaks into Hollywood with his movie but can he keep his inner addiction at bay? Silvio as Consigliere continues to prove his loyalty to Tony. AJ falls into deep emotional distress and depression following the break up with his girlfriend. A depression that may have severe consequences. Phil Leotardo finally assumes control of the Luppertazzi family and after various conflicts declares war on The Soprano Family.

These final 9 episodes are edge of your seat, very dramatic and no doubt the most talked about season of any show ever. David Chase's writing is at its highest point giving the characters such depth and emotion. As the trailer stated, everything comes to an end...for some characters this may be true. The 4 final episodes stay true to this statement while the final 2 episodes are without a doubt the most climatic, and shocking episodes in the entire series. The famous series finale, "Made In America" made headlines for its controversial yet outstanding ending! An ending that I truly admire and immortalized the show forever. This Emmy Award winning (half) season for Best TV drama is without a doubt the most perfectly structured season the ties up lose ends but rises the biggest question of all in the final season. The Sopranos is the most groundbreaking, perfectly acted, perfectly written show of all time with its movie style directing and filming. Don't stop believing and check out The Sopranos. Thank you David Chase for this excellent masterpiece and above all thank you James Gandolfini for a truly mesmerizing performance, rest in peace.
April 15, 2010
One of the best television dramas ever. It's very gritty and entertaining. Great story-telling by Chase. Was a little disappointed at the final episode, but that's what makes it great (it never really ends for Tony or his family).
January 5, 2008
So I heard so much about how this final installment of the Sopranos wasn't up to par and it ended badly. I completely disagree. I think too often people expect some kind of gift wrapped ending for tv series. But, these characters in "reality" need to keep moving forward after the series ends and don't just fall off the face of the earth. I think season 6 part 2 is the best half season to date. The writers tie up many loose ends without making it feel like a death march. Also, they stay true to one of the main plots of how everyone that gets involved with the mob ends up loosing (they always do this without ever making it feel formula-ic). It''s not easy to bring a series like this to a close, and I feel it's handled exceptionally well.
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