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February 6, 2004
[size=3]A rough yet surprisingly perceptive show concerned with the morality of modern American families, [i]The Sopranos [/i]was one of the great television shows for its first two seasons. If it has begun to run out of steam in the last two years, one can not blame it for setting too high a standard. The exploits of mafia member Tony Soprano and his family are explored in this offbeat drama that deftly balances comic exaggeration with violent realism. [i]The Sopranos [/i]is not particularly interesting when focusing on Tony's sessions with his psychiatrist...the joke of a mobster confiding his inner demons grows old quickly. What it is best at is its portrayal of family dynamics. The problems that the Soprano family face are quite typical, but they are elevated to Shakespearean heights by the family's situation. We may feel like we want to kill our uncle sometimes, but that is rarely a wise career move as well. James Gandolfini has rightly been praised for his performance as Tony Soprano, but for me the show's true jewel is Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano. Her character is the one that has the most inner conflict...and Falco effortlessly portrays the way that her character has learned to make compromises over the years.[/size]

[size=3]The first season of [i]The Sopranos [/i]was concerned with introducing us to the principal characters and with integrating us into this particular mob world. Each episode is consistently engaging, frightening, funny and perceptive. My personal favourite is the season finale, which sets the stage for the drama of Season Two while also demonstrating the closeness of the Soprano family. This first season was not the highpoint of the show (that honour belongs to Season Two), but it represented an unconventional new show that dared to cross boundaries and in doing so created a compelling drama.[/size]
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