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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Quotes

  • Merlin: We are but servants.

  • Dave Stutler: How do you know my name?
    Balthazar Blake: Because I can read minds!
    Balthazar Blake: It's on your backpack...

  • Balthazar Blake: You're a bad liar, Dave. That's good.

  • Dave Stutler: These are old-man shoes.
    Veronica: Excuse me?
    Balthazar Blake: Excuse me?
    Veronica: I love them... a lot.
    Dave Stutler: I love them... a lot.

  • Balthazar Blake: You will not control your magic if you will not control yourself.

  • Balthazar Blake: Love is a distraction. Sorcery requires complete focus.

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