Soulboy Reviews

September 9, 2010
Even though the plot of this 1970s-set drama is a bit simplistic, the film is sweet and surprisingly dramatic, holding our attention because of the energetic, good-looking cast. Plus all those groovy outfits and songs.
September 7, 2010
Everything about SoulBoy is predictable and yet it manages to deliver a passably entertaining little slice of British entertainment.
September 3, 2010
You find yourself cheering it along.
September 2, 2010
In the end, there is something just a little too formulaic about the film.
September 2, 2010
Feels oddly detached from the compelling genre of music it claims to advocate.
September 2, 2010
It's more than a little clichd, with a disco-floor bully who's straight out of panto, but the music and period detail will help take your mind off such deficiencies.
September 2, 2010
Likeable British coming-of-age drama with terrific performances, impressive production design and a superb soundtrack...
September 1, 2010
A coming-of-ager that doubles as a salute to the Northern Soul movement of the 1970s.