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May 2, 2012
South Park can be very funny, but it's evil.
May 27, 2010
Not a great series, but watchable
May 24, 2010
Back when it had "morals" and was sweet and innocent... and groundbreaking.
January 1, 2010
Cartman Gets an Anal Probe:

This episode is one of the best episodes. It's a hilarious episode that made me laugh at the weak animation, which I think was done on purpose. I liked the reference to "I Like To Singa" since I saw the short. Cartman made me laugh incredibly. I give South Park: Season 1: Cartman Gets an Anal Probe *****.
½ August 18, 2009
Any hardcore South Park fan will probably know most of those episodes forwards and backwards, as there are some true gems in there. Volcano remains my favorite South Park episode off all time as Jimbo and Ned take the boys on a hunting trip and we get some great one-liners from Cartman and his adventures in 'Nam. Weight Gain 4000 is a great episode where Mr. Garrison attempts to kill Kathy Lee Gifford, but fails (too bad) while Cartman bulks up for his TV appearance.
June 4, 2009
- Started watching Battlestar Galactica. Its great for philosophers; its like a different ethical dilemma every week, but in spaceships. Awesome.

- Little Britain: hilarious British comedy sketches. Pretty vulgar and inappropriate sometimes, and a little repetitive, but always funny.

- Alice: really bizarre, stop-motion animation/live action foreign version of Alice in Wonderland. Pretty much awful, but likely awesome with substances.

- I actually started in November and just finished in May every episode of the entire series of South Park so far, but I won't post all 13 seasons separately. It was all excellent. I think my favorite seasons were somewhere in the middle, around season 7 and 8. Some of my favorite episodes:
season 2: Plane-arium
season 3: Sexual Harrassment Panda, Starvin Marvin in Space
season 4: Children of the Corn/Molestered episode, Cartman becomes an evangelist/Satan-Chris-Saddam episode.
season 5: Scott Tenorman Must Die
season 6: Asspen, Death Campof Tolerance/Lemmiwinks episode, the Lord of the Rings episode, Professor Chaos
season 7: Pretty much the whole season; Intergalactic TV show, Crips, Smoking episode, Casa Bonita, old people take over town...
season 8: Again, most of the season. Especially the Japanese warrior anime episode, Awesome-O the robot, the election episode (douche vs. turd), the Goobacks (immigrants from the future).
season 9: The hippie invasion, Cartman thinks he is a ghost, The Day After Tomorrow episode, Free Willy.
season 10: Manbearpig, World of Warcraft episode, Cartman goes into the future trying to get a Nintendo Wii
season 11: The photo of Cartman sucking Butters, head lice, homeless zombies, Imaginationland
season 12: Internet failure, Field Trip to the old-timey place, pan-flutes/giant guinea pigs.
season 13: Cartman superhero (the Coon), Economy decline (margarita-maker episode), queefing episode.

- Lost, season 5, my least favorite so far, but still better than most shows. Can't wait for the last season.
½ November 18, 2007
South Park is one of those rare series that never seems to lose a step. Year after year the writing is superb, most likely due to the fact that Parker and Stone stay so close to the series. Early on, the series comedy touched on taboo topics. Starting in season 5 and continuing trough to the most recent episodes, much more pop culture topics are brought seemlessly into the fold, without losing its edgyness.
August 22, 2007
As with any season of South Park its hard for them to make anything bad.
May 16, 2006
[b]South Park - The Complete First Season (1997-1998)[/b]
December 18, 2005

From the minds of Trey Parker & Matt Stone comes the funnyest show on Telivision (with Family Guy a close second). The first season features the episodes "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe." "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride.", "Mr. Hanky The Christmas Poo." & "Mecha Streisand"

This is the very first episode, in which alians come to Cartman in his sleep, and gives him an anal probe. This is the very first episode in the great series.

This guess stars GEORGE CLOONEY as Stan's gay dog Sparky. In this Stan is the QB of the 3rd grade football team, and the big homecoming against Middle Park, is comming up. And Stan has been made fun of because of his gay dog, when Sparky over hears Stan telling Kyle that he doesn't want a gay dog, he wants a butch dog. So Sparky runs away and befriends a man named Big Gay Al and BGA takes him to his Big Gay Animal Sactuary. When Stan goes to look for Sparky, he meats Big Gay Al, and when he finds Sparky, and said time go home and turn him straight. But Sparky got sad and Big Gay Al took them on his Big Gay Boat Ride, and teaches Stan he can't change that Sparky's gay. So Stan returned to the game. This episode also follows two hunters named Jimbo (who is Stans uncle) & Ned. They got everyone in town to bet South Park (who was a 77 point underdog) to beat the spread, and since Stan is looking for Sparky, he can't play QB, so it becomes a conflict.

I would tell you some of the other episodes but I need a shower so good night, and Go Cowboys!
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