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December 8, 2019
[W]hile Southpaw is not a perfect film and, in fact, on more than one occasion harkens to deja vu moments of multiple 'Rocky' films and every boxing cliche imaginable, it is high octane emotion on every level.
August 29, 2019
While Southpaw takes care to land punches on all the familiar targets, it also ducks and weaves around masculine stereotypes in some unexpected ways.
August 16, 2019
There is a rawness, urgency and intensity in the 'Southpaw's' narrative that elevates its own biopic material. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 20, 2019
Southpaw may have some slick moves, but its script could use a lot more punch.
July 5, 2019
It may be less than the sum of its parts, but taken on their own, those parts often hit all the right notes.
May 4, 2019
Southpaw is the film equivalent of a Quattro Formaggi pizza, enjoyable to those with the right palette but lacking the necessary ingredients to truly dazzle.
March 12, 2019
It always feels like we're five steps ahead of the story, and that's because we've seen this stuff a million times before.
February 22, 2019
It is ultimately down to Gyllenhaal's consummate ease in engaging his audience that we root for him to the very end, the flaws in the script often forgotten as he commands the screen.
February 9, 2019
The elements are nothing new - tragedy, champ-turned-chump, eccentric coach, and grandstanding finale.
January 19, 2019
You can almost use a checklist for every major plot point in "Southpaw," right down to the final act.
December 14, 2018
The main reasons to see the film are Gyllenhaal and Whitaker, and they are worthy, but few viewers will come away with new insights on the topic at hand.
November 2, 2018
Gyllenhaal is Oscar-worthy as the struggling lefty. The huge emotional swing required for the part is handled with ease under his calm demeanor.
October 24, 2018
This is far from a knock-out punch and it sure isn't Phenomenal, but Southpaw is easily worth a trip to the ring.
October 10, 2018
There's a heavy suggestion that a list with every cliché of sports dramas and personal dramas might have been within arm's reach at all times.
August 27, 2018
It's a knockout performance full of blood, sweat and tears and quite possibly the best of [Gyllenhaal's] career.
March 14, 2018
Jake Gyllenhaal follows in the footsteps of the great actors who have climbed into the ring... [Full review in Spanish]
February 14, 2018
Southpaw is... a deeply predictable film, more a courtly quadrille than a dance of doom towards the ropes.
February 1, 2018
...'Southpaw' focuses not on violence, but on its characters, which is why it ends up being superior to other, similar films. [Full review in Spanish]
January 12, 2018
... Southpaw believes that the ring, the punches and the show are interesting on their own. [Full review in Spanish]
December 12, 2017
Fuqua follows a dull character who has problems with anger management... [Full review in Spanish]
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