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½ September 25, 2014
It's terrible. Which is why it's entertaining. I haven't seen a copy of it floating around for quite some time. Maybe YouTube. But essentially it's a low-budget, tongue-in-cheek space comedy. Its puts cheesy one-liners ahead of plot and the story is canned. A group of baddies decide to extort money from the powers that be, or else they'll destroy the known universe. Still, the value of watching it is the same thing as its weaknesses. It fails, and when it does, you'll chuckle.
½ October 19, 2010
Despite this film not being awarded a much deserved theatrical release... it has a lot going for it. The concept of Space Marines is in itself truly original and n
½ July 24, 2009
Just....ridiculously rubbish, thanks to terrible acting, a predictable plot and a crazy and rather camp pirate... >_>
August 1, 2008
Space Marines -This is an 80`s style over the top piece of nonsense that first of all I stared at in disbelief and then started to laugh at it. A bunch of ridiculous gung ho stereotype US space marines have to try and rescue kidnapped politicians - the politicians and all leader types are all namby-pamby peace loving types who wouldn`t say `boo!` to a goose and seem incapable of making a decision about anything! The cliche`s come think & fast with `Sarge` trying to look after `dumb as a post` recruits, a tough marine seems to take a dislike to a good looking but annoying lady politician (you know they are going to fall for each other), the evil space pirates are led by a long haired moustache twirling, effeminate and madder than a hatter who has stolen enough super explosive stuff to blow up the universe! It actually reminded me of the A team with explosions and people flying through the air shouting "AAAAAAArg!", some people jumped i
March 31, 2008
what a stupid movie...
September 12, 2007
It was a dumb movie. And not dumb in a so-dumb-it's-funny way. Just dumb.
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