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½ September 14, 2017
Space pirates steal a cargo ship and accidentally take a small boy with them. Pirate captain Vince Edwards promises to bring the boy home and bonds with him in the process. This cheapo Roger Corman produced space flick rips of Star Wars mercilessly and reuses effects and the score from "Battle Beyond the Stars", but still manages to do it all in a pretty endearing fashion. I'll admit, my childhood was spent watch any cheap sci-fi flick that was thrown into theatres (in fact, I'm kind of amazed I missed this one), so I have a built in affection for films like this. Still, this film manages to use what little resources it has wisely. They seem to have had a sponsorship deal with Killian's since everybody including the kid is drinking beer in every scene. The director of "Ghoulies" co-stars.
January 3, 2017
I was hoping this would be a cheesy B-Movie space opera romp with lots of piracy, swashbuckling, and evil space empires. And, well, we get all those things. Just not in large quantities. Except the cheese. The whole plot of the film is that space bandits accidentally kidnap a kid. The bad potential for annoying child sidekicks aside, that's a good plot. It leaves a lot of themes to work with, from the man rediscovering his sense of responsibility to a kid learning to fit in. All joined together by a shared adventure of piracy or escape or whatever. But no, the guy falls for with the kid almost immediately and decides to risk everything to get him home. The kid does take a little longer to warm up to him, but mainly expresses it by wandering away constantly. Of course, he still does that even when he's come to trust them and crewmembers are dying left and right to save him, so maybe that's not actually connected to his mistrust. Yeah, the boy's about as annoying as you might expect. Actually, the kid's not that bad for a child actor with bad direction, it's just that he's written to be utterly useless and ungrateful yet everybody loves him. About the only time he works as a character is when he and obvious father figure Hawk bond over learning how to fire the ship's guns.

The plot is... well it's there. There's something resembling a plot in all this mess, though I can't tell you what was supposed to be going on since we have no clear bad guy so much as several people who appear and disappear irregularly. The only consistent plot point is that the crew wants to bring the boy home. But they can't because of something about a robot ship. And the captain of seedy space station can't send him home because that would call attention to him? Or something. Really, a film like this which relies on such basic motives has no business being this confusing. I wasn't even clear which bad guys were attacking them at various intervals. Or why.

Productionwise this film is not only cheap it LOOKS cheap. Robots are guys in padded suites. Aliens wear cheap rubber masks. Costumes are just plain cloth. Spaceships are reused from Battle Beyond the Stars, another B-Movie with no budget. The soundtrack's stolen from there too. And the acting makes home videos look like Citizen Kane. The death scenes are particularly amusing. But when a movie obviously doesn't care its hard for the audience to care either.
½ July 11, 2014
This is one of my favorite space opera. The special effects are marginal and the aliens are people in alien costumes, however, the plot is so well conceived I can't help loving the movie. A rich kid accidentally becomes involved with a gang of thieves. Due to his knowledge of computers, he is able to save the raiders from capture and, as a reward, the captain promises to get the boy safely home. Spoiler Alert: the promise has serious consequences for the Captain and the crew, but the Captain is a man of honor and fights to keep his word.
½ June 18, 2014
A damn guilty pleasure'
½ February 27, 2014
Not for the serious movie watcher. But a diamond in our scifi portfolios for those who love sci fi in all of its shame and glory--Fantasy Scifi!!
January 16, 2014
Space Raiders är en rymdpiratfilm som lånar friskt från Star Wars och Star Trek samt stjäl både musik och effektsekvenser från Battle Beyond the Stars. Lågbudget så det skriker om det, förstås, men inte helt utan underhållningsvärde. Och så har man lyckats besätta den irriterande pojkvasker-rollen med Henry Thomas (från E.T.) okände tvilling.
½ October 27, 2012
Friendly space pirates steal a ship a boy was hiding in. They escape but all lose their lives or get seriously injured trying to get him home. Budget appears to be about one one-hundreth the money spent on Star Wars.
October 9, 2011
Classic Film worth watching
May 22, 2011
80's sci fi action which is err like every other low budget sci fi action movie of the period! So you get the awesome matt paintings, the sets made of other sci fi movies and loads of aliens! Theres a restaurant that looks like a poor mans mos aisley cantina but its still a laugh! Start of all serious, then gets laid back in the middle leading to a rather dark final act. The characters are as you would expect lacking in substance aside from certain key players (like rough and ready captain hawk who comes of like han solos dad). The special effects are as cheesey as hell but loads of fun (even if they dont tend to match whats happening in the ship!) and thou its a bit silly it whizzes through at a fast pace and theres rarely a scene were somethings not been blown up! Theres a lot better out there but theres also a lot worse. Maybe one to pop on the side for when you have a free few hours!
May 18, 2011
"Sci-Fi, at its finest!" Never, would have I ever imagined, that I would stumble upon this childhood classic, again. Thumbs up!
½ April 19, 2010
With all the motion control footage being reused from Battle Beyond the Stars, there is little new this film offers. The plot is SO thin, that is is nearly unbelievable that crew did not mutiny and just flush the kid out the airlock. Also that kid has to be the worst child actor of all time, just under Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth. I was squirming in my seat wanting to yell at my screen to give the kid direction when he first boards the ship. The funnest part of this movie for me was listening to the effects of the ships and the lasers matching them up to other movies. Mostly Battlestar Galactica. This film was nearly totally forgettable except for more than 20 years the line "It's not like shooting the rocks" has been stuck in my head. Thank you Mr. Cohen.
½ February 8, 2010
Band of outlaws escape fire with a young stowaway on board their ship, risking life and limb to get him back home safely. Unlike E.T. I didn't much care if this kid ever made it home.
March 8, 2009
Recycles the already amazing score and special effects from BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. Just about works as a stand alone film (I mainly watched it for the effects, I dont have a copy of BBTS I can watch). Some bold themes - space pirates and evil corporations. The brat may annoy some but otherwise not a bad movie.
February 23, 2009
Gee I loved this movie as a kid, it was quite dark and warped me a bit. Although it has a lot of early-80's-flaws it's got a lot of sci-fi gold. Ok, admittedly the 4 stars is probably partly because of the effect it had on me as a kid, you'd be surprised how interesting the atmosphere it had and how morbid it was compared to the bigger sci-fi movies that came before (and after) it. If I get the chance, I hope I can warp many young children with a movie that I can't help but think partly made me who I am today.
Super Reviewer
½ January 28, 2009
Cute, although a little ridiculous. I dont see how people who are that sensitive with kids could be murderous criminals.
½ November 16, 2008
Friendly space pirates steal a ship a boy was hiding in. They escape but all lose their lives or get seriously injured trying to get him home. Budget appears to be about one one-hundreth the money spent on Star Wars.
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