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June 19, 2011
Bad acting, even for a B movie. Not much in the way of story: no suspense, no plot twists; not much of a movie. There is a bit of nudity for no apparent reason, so if you are into that - here it is.
½ October 20, 2010
Corbin Bernsen is a honey backed ham in this cheesy science fiction film from the 90s. It's crap. And it looks far older than it is, in part due to the awful sets and effects. Lame gore, pointless nudity, awful acting, and a generally uninteresting plot all make for a still kind of fun watch. And I always did like Amanda Pays, even if she isn't really much of an actress.
October 14, 2006
Shockingly awful sci-fi film, jaw dropping bad. The acting is dreadful, one of the worst scores of all time. The plot is so stupid. Cheap, incredibly bad writing. Laughably bad.
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