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February 13, 2014
One of my favorite movie
May 8, 2013
More than just providing an insight into public speaking and Toastmasters in general SPEAK truly is an inspirational, moving, well researched film with an easy flowing structure that intimately captures the lives and preparations of its protagonists in their quest to become World Champions. Offering a rollercoaster ride of emotions it will have you laughing and crying and wanting more. If there is only one thing you take away from SPEAK is that we all have the power to transform another's life. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this film and recommend without hesitation.
½ May 7, 2013
A very touching account of what the competitors in the World Championship of Public Speaking go through. This documentary gives us an insight on how people overcome the fear of public speaking, and then take it further by competing in public speaking contests.
A very inspiring movie for anyone who wishes to learn more about public speaking and Toastmasters.
May 7, 2013
A moving and inspirational - and at times, truly funny - documentary about Toastmasters and the World Championships of Public Speaking, SPEAK is entertaining, quickly paced, and filled with excellent character studies, albeit in somewhat traditional competition documentary format. However, the most compelling part of the film, interestingly, is after the contest is over, when the stakes become, literally, life and death. SPEAK goes from being simply an fun and entertaining documentary to becoming a highly emotional experience. The story of LaShunda Rundles is not to be missed.
½ April 1, 2013
Since I'm a Toastmaster, it was fascinating. It's also a good story on the human side. What drives us to compete. What people will overcome and how they do it.
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