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December 10, 2011
niceeeeeeeeeeee movie
October 14, 2011
To be fair, I don't like Ettore Scola. I find him too politically correct and to be frank mushy. And this film is no exception: "look how awful the awful fascists are and how wonderful the gay-freedom-loving-culture-buffs are". No really you think so?Now Mastroianni and Loren are not bad actors, but they're not good enough that seeing them non-stop on the screen doesn't reveal their short-comings and cheap tricks.The only truly pleasant moment is in the very beginning when Italian newsreal of the time are presented: sheer madness! Hilarious in a crazy way.
½ November 13, 2010
D'une justesse et d'une modernità (C) incroyable, Scola expliore la place de la femme et des homosexuels dans l'Italie fasciste et redà (C)finie ainsi le principe même du couple au cinà (C)ma (bien aidà (C) par 2 acteurs stupà (C)fiants). Une và (C)ritable perle d'à (C)motions.
½ October 30, 2010
A Special Day is a beautifully made movie, which take place in an small areal. It all works, It plays well on sounds and silents. It's tells the dark story about a housewife, played wonderfully buy Sophia Loren in her gray dress and her old used stocking, she
½ August 19, 2010
It almost feels too perfect. One of those movies you know the critics loved and you want to understand it, but it never really gets to you
July 29, 2010
Simple and skilled. It just works.
½ May 7, 2010
*** (out of four)

A well intended and nicely acted drama that mostly centers around two very different people and the way the perceive each other based on their limited impressions.

Sophia Loren plays a housewife, whose facist husband has taken the kids to a Mussolini/Hitler rally. She stays home where she meets the man (Marcello Mastrianni) who lives across the building from her. She is intrigued and reaches out to him, but his own demons keep him from embracing her.

Mastrianni was up for an Oscar, but it is Loren who steals the show with her vivacious, yet vulnerable and depressive portrait of a woman who will risk her life for a moment of happiness.
March 26, 2010
Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni played totally against their type, maybe that's why this film didn't get much publicity .
Ettore Scola's films are the best to be revisited from time to time, always intimate and have memorable scenes . i think the story and the mood are very interesting, yet the dialogue is not strong enough for a film based totally on dialogue and performances, and i found Loren's performance is more convincing .
November 4, 2009
Encantadora! ademas soy fan de la Loren y de Mastroiani!
½ October 29, 2009
Bel omaggio a Antonioni in "Professione: reporter"
October 18, 2009
This would be the answer if you asked me which film would I have liked to have directed.
July 19, 2009
Une pure merveille ! Formidables Sophia Loren et Marcello Mastroianni, beaux, touchants, emouvants ! Une peinture des degats du Facisme vue sur le plan national et individuel, mixture de realite et de fiction ! Du grand CINEMA !
July 3, 2009
le plus beau film du couple du cinéma, Sophia Loren et Marcello Mastroianni, qui ici nous font une démonstration de charisme et nous offre une leçon de cinéma !
June 22, 2009
Une très belle histoire, la rencontre de deux solitudes, tous deux victimes du régime fascisme, elle sans le savoir, le jour de la célébration la plus délirante du régime fasciste.
Dans l'immeuble désert, ils passent la journée ensemble, s'ouvrent l'un à l'autre tandis que la radio de la concierge abrutie hurle la retransmission de la cérémonie.
Loren et Mastroinanni ont une alchimie juste, simple et forte, l'émotion passe par tous les petits détails poignants de justesse de la mise en scène et du scénario.
½ June 2, 2009
Interesting and moving. They make a successful acting couple. Life, emotions and love still exist but in a different way because of the fascism. I have to say that this is the first time to watch them acting and now i want to see Matrimonio All' Italiana.
½ April 9, 2009
very beautiful and special movie
February 17, 2009
"Io non credo che l'inquilino del sesto piano sia antifascista, semmai è il fascismo è antiinquilino del sesto piano"

"Senti... piangere si puo' fare anche da soli, ma ridere bisogna essere in due!"
January 11, 2009
The biggest achievement of this film is the fact that a private story is told through the perspective of the social (hi)story, and the opposite, only to show that a private story is much more history than the social one.
Super Reviewer
November 26, 2008
want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the golden globes and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR and at the oscars
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