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June 26, 2016
I remember the book being good.
May 30, 2016
5 ***** this is better than star wars 7, star wars 7 gets a -5 as it was rubbish SPHERE is cool.
Super Reviewer
May 14, 2016
Great cast wasted on a manipulative piece of sci-fi drivel. So many plot holes ... ! So you stay to watch the cast, but eventually hate being jerked around alla time, and the lame-o explanations for it. And the ending? A hot turd in your living room.
May 4, 2016
It could have been better but it wasn't bad. It's like Hoffman said in an interview, the movie just wasn't finished and it shows
April 8, 2016
I don't get the bad reviews at all.
This movie is magic to me. It feels like entering a dream.
What's how this movie manages to surprise all of the time. All the time something unexpected happens and it's just a great movie.
March 26, 2016
I don't have a complex review, here. I think there was a piss poor writing job, here. The dialogue was loaded with useless manic gibberish... "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!...
And then there are obvious dialogue that should have taken place. Why didn't they get to the bottom of Harry's adventure inside the sphere? That would have been something to tackle, if your sole purpose for the expedition is to disobey alien life.
½ March 18, 2016
There is no quick return.

A spaceship is discovered at the bottom of the ocean that appears to have been sitting there for about three hundred years. A group of scientists are put together and sent down to research the vessel. They discover some beings were there before and a unique sphere sits in the middle of the craft that causes the individuals who encounter it to behave differently and manifest their fears. Can the group of scientists overcome their fears and escape?

"You seem strangely detached."

Barry Levinson, director of Wag the Dog, Sleepers, Bugsy, Rain Man, Toys, The Natural, Avalon, Liberty Heights, Disclosure, and Good Morning, Vietnam, delivers Sphere. The storyline for this picture is based on the fantastic book by Michael Crichton (which was way better). The special effects and pace of this film were just okay and the acting was mediocre as well despite having a solid cast of Samuel L. Jackson, Dustin Hoffman, and Sharon Stone.

"It's a bogus report."

I was excited to see this movie when it first came out because I loved the book so much; unfortunately, this falls well flat of the book. This wasn't as intense as it should have been and the ending falls a little flat. Overall, I recommend skipping the movie and reading the book.

"Your fears are going to kill all of us."

Grade: C
July 21, 2014
"Sphere" é uma concha vazia. Derivada de filmes famosos de ficção científica é cheia de falsas promessas. O diretor Barry Levinson está perdido em uma tiroteio sem saber se corre ou se esconde, na verdade não há o que ser dirigido, o roteiro de Kurt Wimmer, Stephen Hauser e Paul Attanasio é razoável na sua primeira hora mas em seguida desce para um suspense inábil, sem qualquer razão para ser um filme, sem qualquer anzol para fisgar o espectador, sem nenhum criatividade que possa surpreender, sem ser, ele segue sendo um desastre cinematográfico de duas horas e meia, sujando a carreira de grandes astros como Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson e Liev Schreiber, Sphere ainda conta com a participação de Peter Coyote e Queen Latifah.
October 20, 2012
Michael Crichton estaba prodigiosamente dotado para crear premisas interesantes, y esta pelicula no ha conseguido sacarle partido ni desarrollar el planteamiento con solvencia, pero esta suficientemente bien rodada e interpretada como para resultar decente.
November 24, 2015
Sphere has interesting premise what turns into absurd sci-fi treatment. Even ending doesn't works, this differentially not what you expected from that type of movie.
½ November 8, 2015
Much better than its rating suggests. Yes the acting can be a bit dodgy even from these A-list greats, but all in all a good intellectual thriller. Beats the Abyss hands down
October 10, 2015
my second time watching it and I never got bored from watching it again.

one of the best movies I've seen.
October 11, 2015
It's a turkey. Bad plot, music was randomly placed throughout the film that didn't coordinate well with what was happening. Script was bad. It's the science fiction version of Ishtar. The direction was non-existent. Don't bother to watch it.
November 18, 2012
Because Trevor said so. I saw this because I was intrigued by the plot. It turned out to be a let down.
September 28, 2015
I'm really not sure why this movie is hated so much or why it received a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's just a good, entertaining Sci-Fi movie that I think deserves a little bit more recognition.
½ April 24, 2013
I expected more from this....
August 9, 2015
I don't really understand why this film was, from what I can tell, all but completely shunned, by both viewers and critics alike, from any sort of acclaim whatsoever, without definitive, objective, or constructive reason. I took this film in for the first time as a young fourth-grader back in 2000, 2001ish and was moved just as profoundly as I was moved by other films such as, say... Jurassic Park, an equally fair Michael Crichton manifestation to openly weigh pro-and-cons around. That's right, I said 'manifestation'. What are you gonna do about it? Am I tapping into some kind of sensitive underlying emotional trauma, Sphere-haters? The thing is, I don't know, because I'm the only one I know who's seen this movie, and apparently the critics hated it. And the book was WORSE than the movie-- in my opinion, of course. And I'm reading Jurassic Park right now and it's INCREDIBLE. Ok... maybe not incredible, but shockingly, expoundingly rich with content. So why does this movie get so much hate? I'm convinced it's because of Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone and the ending. 'The power to forget'. We are not yet ready for such awesome abilities and POSSibilities the almighty sphere would otherwise have so warmly and receptively awaiting us if we could only just take that first terrifying and dauntingly self-questioning leap of faith. According to some critics, a final thesis of said caliber is wholly unsatisfying and reflects some kind of ineptitude on the part of... Who knows. Not that that's the point or anything. So why is Dustin Hoffman running around like a crazed inward patient? Why is Sharon Stone in movies? Why is Samuel L. Jackson in everything? Why are they all holding hands? Why aren't the special effects as good as Stephen Spielberg? These-- and again, I can only speculate-- are just some of the thoughts that had to have gone through the minds of psychologically befuddled movie critics in lieu of deeper understandings of basic human character development. I guess, like our all-star cast here, audiences just weren't ready for Sphere, and, like the captain of the Navy ship who saw the damn thing fly out of the water in that oh-so-special final scene, were left effectively dumbfounded and robbed of any and all explanation. I mean I get it. It's not Academy-Award worthy or anything (after all we're talking about sci-fi), with effects not visually as striking as Titanic, or Jurassic Park, or Star Wars, or hell even Toy Story, but this is a well-crafted, expertly-paced, character-driven sci-fi-style Agatha Christie whodunnit that's loaded with plenty of science, plenty of plot-thickening, plenty of twists, and plenty of good acting. It's a damn fine film with a disappointing ending, I know. Actually... it's a better ending than the book. Far more satisfying, I'd say. And apparently the ending is the critics' biggest problem. Hmmm. THEY CHOSE TO FORGET. WHAT'S SO DAMN HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT. Like I said, I'm convinced it's Sharon
½ May 21, 2012
One question will some up what i thought about this movie: WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS CRAP!!!????
½ December 26, 2012
The Crichton fan in me loves the concept and plot and overlooks the problems the plague the movie.
July 2, 2015
classic late 90's nostalgia of mine
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