Spice World Quotes

  • Scary Spice: Enter quoMel B. I don't know how you can have anymore of them kids you got 6 now haven't ya? Emma: Is it 6..i know but their so cute when little then they grow up to be right little bleeders.

  • Posh Spice: Bloody Sunday drivers! It's only Saturday!

  • Posh Spice: Help!
    Sporty Spice: What? What?
    Posh Spice: This dress is dry clean only, Melanie!

  • Musical Director: Act? Did anyone care if Marilyn Monroe could act? All they care was, "Was she in focus?

  • Chief: The headless chicken can only know where he's been. He can't see where he's going.

  • Clifford: You don't have a life. You have a schedule.

  • Baby Spice: You know, I'm always gonna be known as Baby Spice, even when I'm... thirty!
    Posh Spice: You really love really, Emma, you, you play up to it all the time.
    Baby Spice: No I don't!
    Posh Spice: Yes you do. You're doing it now.
    Baby Spice: I'm not!

  • Baby Spice: But we can't dance like that.
    Mr. Step: I know. I've seen your videos! Hahahahahaha!

  • Ginger Spice: Boys, boys! Calm down! Haven't you ever heard of the word "compromisation"?

  • Musical Director: We're cookin' here. This is a stew, a gumbo... a jambalaya, if you will... we're just jammin'.

  • Clifford: They're hot, Chief! They've got fire in their eyes, hunger in their bellies... and great big shoes on their feet!

  • Posh Spice: It's always the same. I never know what to wear.
    Sporty Spice: It must be so hard for you, Victoria. I mean, having to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or... the little Gucci dress!
    Posh Spice: Exactly.
    Baby Spice: I know, why don't you wear the little Gucci dress?
    Posh Spice: Good idea. Thanks, Em.

  • Chief: When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness. Whether they're clean or not.

  • Kevin McMaxford: Something's happening to me. What is it?
    Brian: You're smiling, sir.

  • Judge: Emma, Victoria, Melvin C., Melvin B., Geri. You've been charged with releasing a single that is by no means as kicking as your previous records. Nor does it have such a dirty phat bass line. You are sentenced to having your next record enter the charts of one-hundred-seventy-nine and having it fall completely out the following week.
    Judge: (bangs the gavel)
    Judge: Call Hootie and the Blowfish!

  • Ginger Spice: "I know all about home birth I read it in a book somewhere, the first thing you need to do it, put your legs together"
    Scary Spice: "It's a bit late for that she should have done that nine months ago!"
    Nicola: "Oh, don't make me laugh please!"
    Scary Spice: "OH, do not make her laugh, or else it'll just shoot out like a cannon ball!"

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