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December 27, 2014
I couldn't get to the movies fast enough when this came out. I still have the tape to this movie. Love it!!!!!
December 13, 2014
gurl power and spice
½ December 2, 2014
"Spice World" is far from a great film. These girls aren't actors and the story is a means to an end. What "Spice World" DOES accomplish is the cultural preservation of the late 90's Spice Girls phenomenon. The film doesn't really have a plot; in fact, it is more of an anti-plot as the random flashbacks and dream sequences try to create some semblance of a story but just make everything more disjointed than before. The lack of action brings all of the attention to the personalities of the girls. If you don't have a favorite before watching this, you will after (or you will just despise them all, but they are actually pretty likable). Despite the disdain of critics, this film was a box office smash. While the Spice Girls have become a forgotten chapter in pop history, I appreciate that this film allows them to live on and serves as a reminder of how big they actually were. If nothing else, "Spice World" will make you pull out your old Spice Girls cassettes and rock out to Wannabe like it's 1996.
November 29, 2014
Spice World, my cigarette drops, "what the **** was that! Oh my brain, my beautiful brain! It's hurting so bad from watching a really dumb film. Ah, I can't believe subjected myself to this film along with the people involved. It is not that this is an unoriginal piece of crap made by bunch of chuckling and sneering dorks, but it is an inconceivable exercise with barely any plotting or direction. I wonder if anyone even read the script or was developed. I guess this is or was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek and self-reflective parody which could have worked if anyone knew what was going on. The music is really bad and the costumes are barely tolerable, but not as much as the Spice Girls. Spice World follows the Spice Girls wherever they go with all kinds of inane ideas and caricatures with musical montages, and only separated when we see another character besides the Spice Girls which a lot of the scenes seem to have been cut from other scenes. We have Hugh Laurie, Elvis Costello, and Roger Moore just to name a few. I could not believe the disorganization throughout the whole film which could qualify for ridicule by Mystery Science Theater 3000 since we have a scene involving aliens. The Spice Girls are made up of Mel C, Mel B, Ginger Spice, Baby Spice, and Victoria Beckham. Their film debut and music are well in synched with each other in terribleness. There are even few random moments that I thought I was going to chuckle, but never did. I would place this film with Pootie Tang. I know you are going to wonder why I bothered to watch this film in the first place and it's quite a long story, but what compelled me to see this happened after seeing it in a list of films that were going to be removed from Netflix. I already miss the chance to see Donnie Darko which is considered a cult class. I do enjoy the so bad, so good film once in a while. I clicked hoping to get a chuckle at its terribleness, but was not prepared. I won't tell you what I want. What I really want. Oh and don't expect it to be sexy because I tried that as a last ditch effort, but didn't work too well."
October 13, 2014
Seen it when I was younger and I loved it.
½ October 10, 2014
If you love the spice girls (who doesn't really?) You will love this fun extended video clip if you don't like the spice girls you will enjoy this fun British comedy!
September 23, 2014
It's like a pop version of Spinal Tap..that sucks.
August 21, 2014
This movie has no right being this funny. I went in thinking "Okay, I'll suffer through this." Next thing I know the end credits are rolling, and I am smiling...a lot. The camaraderie between the girls seems really genuine, and everyone seems to be having a great, silly time. Added bonus: spotting all the cameos (watch out for Elvis Costello as a bartender).
August 20, 2014
I'm just... speechless. Where the hell did this movie come from? Why were these five morons given a movie anyway? There is literally no plot, rhyme or reason to Spice World. It's a painful experience from Beginning to End. I would've been a little bit more easier on this movie if it was just a direct to Home Video release but no, this waste of time actually got into theaters. This is going be a hard review to write.

So Spice World is about... oh screw it, THERE IS NO PLOT! Seriously, there's not even one shred of story in this awful excuse of a film. Every scene is just random and all the characters (especially The Spice Girls) are as flat as a freaking board. To put it simply, this movie is just an hour and 32 minute commercial for The Spice Girls. And when I say every scene is random, I mean it! There are Aliens, a Dance Boot Camp, A Pregnant friend, A Documentary subplot, a villainous Paparazzi guy, Roger Moore and lots of other elemnts that make no real sense and have no proper place in the film.

Of course, the acting is just awful. It doesn't matter if we're talking about the supporting characters or The Spice Girls themselves. No person in the cast even tries to give a decent performance let alone a good one. Still The Spice Girls take the cake on the whole "Can't Act" scale. Every time one or more of them opened their mouths I was in serious misery. They are just... IRRITATING!

I know what a lot of you are thinking, "Oh Brad, what were you expecting? It's a movie about The Spice Girls. This film was directed at Children and Pre-Teens". That is extreme Bull. I don't care what the aimed Demographic is, I don't care who stars in the movie or what the film's purpose is. You're still making a MOVIE! The whole Purpose of a movie is to ENTERTAIN PEOPLE! Spice Wrld has caused nothing but pain to me. Your movie doesn't have to be a reflective or deep movie but at the very least it should be given some kind of thought and it should have some kind of effort put into it. There is no passion or effort in Spice World.

And you know what? I don't have anything else to say about this movie. Yeah this might be the shortest review I've ever written, but I don't care to be honest. Spice World is just... STUPID. It has stupid writing, a stupid execution and a really stupid idea. I even hesitate to call Spice World a movie because it's just a really commercial and addition to a singing group that nobody remembers.
½ July 4, 2014
Spice World is a decent film. It is about world famous pop group The Spice Girls zip around London in their luxurious double decker tour bus. The spice girls give good performances. The script has some funny moments but is a little slow in places. Bob Spiers did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the humor.
½ June 22, 2014
so bad it's good lol
½ June 13, 2014
Upon revisiting this film I realized that it's not all that bad. It's watchable. It's rather self-aware, which makes its silliness easier to digest. Spice up your life!
April 30, 2014
Childhood favourite!
½ February 28, 2014
loved it as a kid, when I knew no better
January 26, 2014
This frolicking British flick is colorfully insane every second of the way; this can clearly be seen from the impossibly-campy antics experienced by the Spice Girls between traveling tours to the girls' signature over-the-top costumes. The movie pokes fun at the girls' struggles with celebrity fame, media morons trying too hard to cash in on their brand and, of course, those malicious men who would love nothing more than to see the musical quintet dead in the eyes of the public. Borrowing more than a page from The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, Spice World highlights the girls' best songs in strategic, and sometimes unexpected, locations; for example, their legendary "Wannabe" is sung impromptu at a local pub with a boom-box serving as the only musical backdrop. Like the Beatles' films, many numbers take place during concerts or recording sessions; however, unlike the Beatles, who performed glued to their instruments, Geri, Melanie G, Melanie C, Emma, and Victoria provide high-flying choreography in addition to their vocal talents. The ending song "Spice Up Your Life" demonstrates exactly why the girls were so popular. This sequence will make you want to get up and dance.

The film truly encompassed the decade of the 90's: the obsession of retro furniture (just take a look at the interior of that traveling, double-decker bus!), platform boots so high they could reach the stratosphere, healthy amounts of "girl power," and 'anything-goes' fashion ("could somebody please tell me exactly what the dress code is here?" one character remarks). The Spice Girls could have created a convoluted and overly-absorbing piece of cinematic self-promotion, (ie, the Monkees' film "Head,") but they have, instead, gone the more fun and carefree route by placing themselves in comic and embarrassing story-lite situations filled with fun, flair, and secret agents bottle-feeding baby piglets. My favorite sequence in when the girls are put through military training; each of the Spices don a green, unflattering camouflaged army outfit, except for Posh, who still retains her fashionable flash in a short, tight, army-patterned dress. It is silly to watch, sure, but I appreciate how the girls stay true to their public on-stage personas.

The upside and downside of Spice World is that its humor succeeds only half the time. While I believe taking the "campiness" out of the film would have been a major mistake, I also believe the film would have been much stronger as a whole if many jokes had been taken farther, instead of being cut halfway before reaching their humorous pinnacles. One such example is towards the end of the film when the British police stop the girls from reaching their concert at Albert Hall; Baby Spice approaches the officers with a pouty-puff display of innocence. Then... the scene cuts, and the girls (somehow) arrive unscathed to their concert a couple minutes later. If Baby Spice had gone farther in her pleas, (or if Ginger Spice had interfered by whacking the cops across their kissers,) I would have been more satisfied.

But despite the half-hearted attempt at many jokes, the far-fetched nature of the story disguised everything that did not work. I am annoyed by critics (both professional and amateur,) who give Spice World one star out of five. One star? Really? My personal rule-of-thumb is that one shouldn't call a film "cheesy and all-over-the-place" in a condescending manner if the film's intent was to present the world as being, well, cheesy and all-over-the-place. (Extra points to the alien encounter scene.) In all honest, I enjoyed the groovy and rockin' Spice World; while it did not ascend to the heights of A Hard Day's Night or Help, it is on-par with Herman's Hermits' musical comedies of the 60's.
January 15, 2014
Terrible film about the spice girls who are obviously not great actresses. If you are a fan of the girls you might love this type of film otherwise you'll probably be wondering for the whole time what the heck took you to watch such a dud.
September 1, 2013
This movie was great!!! WANNABE ANYONE????
August 1, 2013
This movie makes no sense but its entertaining.
June 1, 2013
When I'm feeling low this movie and all of the music, spice girls and girl power bring me back and pump me up to take over everything including the world!!!
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