Spiderhole Reviews

January 27, 2012
Soon the movie is going through the slasher playbook, offering up nothing new and doing little different making the eventual outcome a rather pedestrian and ho-hum affair that even with a nifty final twist sort of bored me senseless.
October 9, 2011
In the end we crawled deep into this Spiderhole and all we found was a truly beaten dead horse.
September 5, 2011
Drearily familiar, lazily constructed, and simply not very interesting. No spiders, either.
August 6, 2011
October 28, 2010
While it ticks a lot of the right horror boxes, the skeleton just never pops out of that cupboard.
October 28, 2010
While Simpson's roving eye is sometimes nastily effective, the unremarkable storyline clings doggedly to generic clich and too many crucial plot points feel rushed and unpersuasive.
October 27, 2010
Hole-y crap.