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August 4, 2017
This is currently my personal favourite spider man film that is likely due to willem dafoes excellentl unhinged portrayal of the green goblin along with some written dialogue which is good simply because I find that realistic dialogue is a weak point in the trilogy
August 3, 2017
From Sam Raimi, the director of The Evil Dead trilogy, comes a great superhero movie and trilogy which showed Marvel's potential to make great superhero movies. Well, this and X-Men. Spider-Man is the story of a high school geek who one day gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gets superpowers. You know the story. The film does the transition of a regular person to a superhero very well with the movie also having great acting and action. All in all, Spider-Man is a great movie that I hope you too will enjoy. 4/5
½ August 3, 2017
Not into Superheroes but it's a special Hero movie and a special franchise
August 1, 2017
What a great comic book movie. The exact kind of Spider-man story that we need. Kirsten Dunst is sooo sexy.James Franco is great. Willem Dafoe makes a great vilain. Toby McGuire is perfect for Spider-man.
July 30, 2017
Spider-Man (2002) - might seem like a cheesy superhero flick but in actuality.......well okay it is a cheesy superhero flick but it's a lot of fun and does have all the essential elements of a comic book movie adaptation.
The Story is very simple to follow and the flow seems to always bounce from being campy fun to surprising action packed drama. Some of the ideas they throw in may seem ridiculous and over the top, but in a strange way it works. They play out all the stereotypes you would expect a cheesy superhero movie in such a passionate way. Yet with all the goofiness that happens it still manages to be very thought provoking and down to earth at times. There are surprisingly a couple of moments that feel very dramatic and shocking. Theses moments can have many affects on some of the characters regardless of the situation.
The characters have a good amount of time dedicated to making them likable and fun to watch. Spider-Man (AKA Peter Parker) himself is the likable doofus that has to learn about responsibility of his powers. He does get into a lot of goofy situations but I also like how they take time to actually develop his personality. Mary Jane is the damsel in the distress and yes she does need to be saved all the time. You'd think it would get old very fast but the character just feels so in the moment that you got to give her kudos for putting her all into what is essentially a basic character trait. The Goblin is over the top and funny and Willem Dafoe really embraces the silliness of what it means to be a goofy comic book villain. The secondary characters like Aunt May also embrace Comic book Stereotypes while also giving them interesting personalities.
The Cinematography goes for a comic book style by incorporating fast paced motion with some great action sequences. I can tell the people went all out of their way to make the action as fun and immersive as possible. The shots of New York can be pretty to look at sometimes and all the characters look like comic book characters that have sprung to life. This is the most noticeable in the costumes of Spiderman and the Goblin. I can also tell the people went all out of their way to make the action as fun and immersive as possible. It may seem a little phony sometimes when they use CGI for the character stunts, but it still works because the action is so exciting and fast paced. There is sometime about seeing spiderman swing through the city that in a strange way feels satisfying to me.
The Music is done by Danny Elfman the same Composer who has scored a lot of Tim Burton's films. His dramatic choir and fast paced music match with how action packed the movie is. It also really works whenever the movie gets slower or really dramatic.
As a kid, I remember liking Spiderman a lot but only for the merchandise. I've never seen the movies because I was still very young at the time. After a decade and a half of waiting i can gratefully say that this movie does provide great action and a lot of fun campiness, but it manages to sneak in some clever character building and thought provoking themes. It's no wonder why everyone likes this movie and I'm happy to say that it's definitely worth seeing (A-)
July 24, 2017
best Spider-Man movie!!!
½ July 24, 2017
One of the most respectful comic-book adaptations and one made without apology. Well crafted and perfectly cast all round, it's cartoonish at time, but fun. DeFoe is certainly hammy, but it works better as a sign of insanity than similar characters in other franchises. The classic origin story is translated very faithfully to screen and Maguire plays the hero which such heart and such humility we can't help but be drawn into his journey and be taken along for the ride.
July 20, 2017
Spider-Man is a really good movie, this movie is dated but it's still good and when the movie is bad it's hysterically hilarious, seeing Spider-Man swing around the city back in 2002 we all were blown away and impressed, but now it's gotten old because of the awful amazing Spiderman trilogy so they should stop it
July 20, 2017
Still one of the best superhero origin stories.
July 19, 2017
The first installment of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy starts off with a bang. The whole movie keeps a good pace, has a troubled hero and villain, and the back story is good and works. I love the cinematic shots of Spider-Man swinging around the city, it just looks cool. The actors fit into their roles. Tobey Maguire IS Spider-Man. William Dafoe and Kirsten Dunst play great catchup. The are some moments of goofy or even campy moments/jokes, but that's kind of how Spider-Man is, so no real points deducted from that as comic book accuracy. All in all "Spider-Man" (2002) is an awesome comic book movie and one of Sam Raimi's finest pieces.
½ July 19, 2017
Tobey Maguire is the worst Spiderman ever
July 18, 2017
Awesome movie loved itâ?¤
½ July 18, 2017
It is the movie that made Spider Man a great superhero.
July 17, 2017
Pros: Willem Dafoe's performance of the Green Goblin, Only Origin of Spiderman on the big screen. (I don't count the Amazing Spiderman movie), Nostalgia of childhood memories watching this movie. Seeing Kristen Dunst's wet T-shirt boobs.

Cons: Dated Special effects, A few overdramatic scenes.
½ July 17, 2017
Strongly developed and more stylized than just about any superhero movie ever made.
July 16, 2017
Well made super hero flick, but I enjoyed it a lot more back in the day. It feels a bit dated now. 4/5

Update (2017)-this movie really set the foundation for homecoming to follow. I just don't like the casting choice of Peter Parker and MJ. The story and feel of the movie is fun though.
½ July 15, 2017
I'm not the biggest fan of Spiderman in the world. Actually, I find him highly overrated as a comic character. As the far as this movie goes, it's good, but no classic.
July 15, 2017
amazing movie great origin story best spiderman
July 15, 2017
Best Marvel movie of all time.
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