Spider-Man 2 Reviews

July 15, 2011
There's nothing at all wrong with the movie. I just wish there were more that's right.
December 6, 2004
Gets the characters where they need to go, but it doesn't develop their struggles to a satisfactory level.
October 7, 2004
I can't figure out why anybody would want to waste 127 minutes sitting through this thing.
August 30, 2004
The lightning that struck for so many of this summer's sequels fails to ignite Spider-Man 2. The franchise remains a tolerable proposition tolerably well-executed.
July 9, 2004
The superhero as schlemiel returns...a tangled web of drippy, comic-book psychodrama.
July 7, 2004
...Spider-Man 2, despite a terrific villain, is boring.
July 3, 2004
A noisy, dopey sci-fi thriller.
July 3, 2004
I feel it's my responsibility to suggest that the best choice is to hold out for the DVD rather than shell out 10 bucks for this cornball, half-hearted, fitfully exciting rehash.
July 3, 2004
For a big-budget action movie Spider-Man 2 is modest and not assaultive -- it has a boring decency.
July 2, 2004
Surges and sags in massive sections.
June 30, 2004
There are a lot of dull spots where there's only banal chatter.
June 30, 2004
Plot developments are labored upon so heavily that I felt compelled to stand up in my seat during the screening and shout out, 'Okay! We get it!'
June 30, 2004
Comic-book dialog, where everything has life or death urgency, yet you can still take time to wax philosophical... same movie - with less swing-time, and almost no fun.
June 30, 2004
Tough to watch without getting bored in the middle - it's a two-hour-plus film that easily could have shed half an hour - and not imagining how it could have been better.
June 29, 2004
The movie's first half is talky bordering on tiresome -- endlessly rehashing the same mix of frustrated puppy love, survivor guilt, and identity crisis.
June 29, 2004
Good but far from great.
June 29, 2004
Feels like a remake of the first one, with the same character struggles and plot points we've come to expect