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June 17, 2016
Very flawed, but hey it's Spider-Man, so I'm biased!
June 15, 2016
This mess is unwatchable, what a let down.
June 14, 2016
Though it does have good performances, great special effects, action scenes and, of course, humor. I can't help but excuse the fact that the film is terribly convoluted with plots, many of which don't really go anywhere, and contains too many characters that it's easy to lose interest in some, if not most, of the characters and subplots. But, besides that, Spiderman 3 is definately the worst of the Raimi trilogy but is totally watchable.
June 14, 2016
I liked every aspect of this movie except Venom. Venom looked cool. But the build was not right and Topher Grace was not the right Eddie Brock. Other than that it was a great film!
June 12, 2016
The movie is not over stuffed everyone puts on an amazing performance, it honestly is a masterpiece and gets undeserved hate from movie goers and critics alike for no solid reason whatsoever, ignore the bad reviews because it is the ultimate treat
½ June 7, 2016
I know you might not disagree with me but, I actually thought this was another really great Spider-Man movie! Not better then the 2nd...still awesome though :) It's sad that the trilogy ended...but I can't wait to watch the trilogy again :) I will say too that Kirsten Dunst acting was so much better in the last 2 Spider-Man movies
June 4, 2016
Spider-Man 3 is an uneven, overstuffed, sometimes heavy-handed film that shows potential but never fully lives up to it.
June 3, 2016
Spider-Man 3 could have been better with two relevant villains rather than three. If they put in the Sinister Six storyline then it properly would been a great film to watch, but it didn't turn out to be.

The only thing that was good about this film was the design of the black suit on Spider-man, the action, some of their motivations and thats it.

It will leave you feeling disappointed on the overall look from Sam Raimi's film.
June 2, 2016
This movie has many flaws, but is enjoyable in a "so bad it's good" kind of way.
June 1, 2016
Questionable directorial decisions undoubtedly sabotage this installment from reaching the heights of its predecessors, but the level of thematic cohesion deriving from the juxtaposition of choice and "choicelessness" still make it worthwhile.
May 31, 2016
While this film has a lot of great ideas, Spider-Man 3 gets entangled in a web that is full of holes, missed potential, and one of the most disappointing follow ups in comic book film history.
May 30, 2016
A very disappointing conclusion to the trilogy.
½ May 30, 2016
What the hell happened the first 2 were great but the 3rd had so much promise but failed on every level to deliver.
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½ May 28, 2016
This movie is a prime example of when studio involvement with the creative process ends poorly. Spider-Man 3 isn't a terrible movie; despite certain...instances (emo Peter Parker will forever be one of the most cringe-worthy scenes), it still has the Sam Raimi (director) touch of the first two installments. The problem with this movie was how bloated it was with three villains. Because the studio demanded Venom be included, Spider-Man 3 ended up being way too many different movies all jam-packed into one. Thanks to Venom's involvement, there wasn't enough time devoted to the relationship between Peter and Harry. We KNEW what would come of their friendship based on the other films, but this wasn't developed to where it should have been. What could have been the most emotional Spider-Man movie to date ended up being a sloppy mess of Topher Grace's Eddie having a larger character arc than Peter Parker himself. If you're a fan of the first two Spider-Man movies and enjoy the cast and director, you'll watch this movie. Just don't expect it to come close to the standards set before it.
½ May 27, 2016
the conclusion to the raimi trilogy spiderman 3 released in 2007 and sent shock waves at the box office but only ripples from the critics. I personally dont see all the hate. The film may be too long and lacks focus in some areas but in my opinion its a really good movie. The sandman is a really good villain with a fantastic reveal, not to mention the ending action sequence was very impressive. THAT ROMANCE NEVER GETS BETTER but in the end its an impressive movie and an underrated one at that.
½ May 24, 2016
71% While it may fall short of the first two, and the cheesy love drama is still present, Spider-Man 3 delivers plenty of great action sequences and more subplots to keep the excitement.
May 21, 2016
Spider-Man 3 2007

The film that did not meet expectations after seeing the hype of Spider-Man 2. The film we were waiting for for 3 years because it was the first Spider-Man film to have 3 super villains in one film.

The problem with this film was that there was far too much going on for one film to handle

I did enjoy the camera sequence with the Head of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson as he is looking for a camera to use to capture the big final battle in the film. He finds a kid and offers them money and gets it. then once he tries taking a photo Just to find out the camera has no film in it. The kid says film cost extra.

I was not a fan of the direction of Head of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson being quiet and not his normal behavior of acting excited, mean, exaggerating things and the employees having more power than he.

I hated that Peter Parker acted so selfish at the beginning of this film only thinking of his own successes yet was so naive and oblivious to what was going on with Mary Jane. It made Peter Parker seem annoying and unlikable. You almost want to cheer on for Harry to get Mary Jane rather than Peter at points of this movie.

I enjoyed the fight between Harry and Peter Parker at Harry's home. It was the fight we all wanted to see since Spider-Man 2. It got you surprised with suspense because you were not exactly sure which direction the story would head or if or who would die at the end. It has so many enjoyable great catch phrases during that scene "Oh look at Little Goblin Junior. Want to cry?"

I was disappointed by how little Aunt May played in this film. She seemed like she was placed and forced in to the film in order to move along the story rather than being more natural about being in the film. I was surprised to see Aunt May arrive at Peter's apartment and felt like that scene was a bit forced.

I did like that this film did expand on the college professor Doctor Connors's character further.

I was disappointed by the look of New York in this film because often this film does not look the same as it did in the previous films. In fact this film makes the exception of being a film that was mostly shot in Chicago rather than New York. New York often is confined in this film in a way that looks staged.

I was not interested in seeing the direction of Mary Jane Watson in this film. I think that Kristin Dunst's portrayal in this film was not a great compared to the previous films. Having her be fired from the theater in this film I felt like that just added one more element I did not want to see of her character again. Mary Jane failing as an actress and also failing in a relationship. Not succeeding as an actress was already a problem we had already seen before in the first film. I also was not interested in seeing Mary Jane work at a bar. This film made go from liking Mary Jane to not liking her character much at all.

I did enjoy how we saw multiple sides of Harry's character in this film from begging to the end. The vengeance one at the very begging, the Harry that almost sent him back to Spider-Man 1 and the the Harry that was very different from the begging of this film and that was manipulative and deceptive to Peter and Mary Jane's relationship in order to get his way. It was sad to see them kill Harry off in this film. The relationship between Peter and Harry seen at the end of Spider-Man 3 was something I wanted to see more of after this film came out. This film explored multiple directions of Harry that had never been seen before in a film.

I was glad we got to see Venom in this film but I did not like the look of Venom seen in the end of Spider-Man 3 that looked far too heavily dependent on CGI and I would have liked to have seen a little more live action mixed in.

I did like the look to the Black Spider-Man suit seen in this film.

I felt like the action sequences in this film did not have enough live action mixed in. Often they looked fake such as the first Harry and Peter Parker chase, the sky Scraper sequence with Gwen Stacy, or the final battle. That made you almost feel disconnected with this film and find where is the real over what is fake.

One thing that I was very disappointed about this film was even though it still incorporated the established film themes the composer of the two previous films; Danny Elfman had done; It was disappointing that this film did not have Danny Effman compose this film. I think that the difference in the music sound showed when it came to the opening credits of the film titles. It did not Cary the same emotions and darkness, vengeance, compassion, friendship I would have liked to have seen with the exception of Sandman. I wanted to hear a Danny Elfman version to Venom's character.

I did enjoy seeing Peter Parker win a spot at the Daily Bugle. I just wish we got to see more of what Peter was like once he was able to get the spot at the Daily Bugle. We have wanted to see this since the first Spider-Man film and this film did not explore that in depth like I would have liked.

I did enjoy seeing Peter Parker do his dance sequence in front of the store.

I was not interested in seeing Gwen Stacy in this film. It was just another element that was too much. She did not add much to this story of Spider-Man. If she came back in a Spider-Man 4 it may have meant more.

I did enjoy the Chubby Checker Twist song sequence in this film between Harry and Mary Jane. It gave us a hint of what their relationship may have been like. A part that we did not get to see in the first Spider-Man film but was only hinted at before. I would have liked to have seen more of that before Harry regained his memory to what had happened.

I did feel like we did not see enough of Peter at the university in this film which did disappoint me.

I felt like the scene where Spider-Man turns into Venom was rushed. I was disappointed or upset that Peter never questioned what happened to him. Instead he just says This is something else. I felt like that scene deserved questioning and an explanation in the film and yet no explanation is given provided.

I hated the Dance off Peter Parker has while under the influence of Venom with Gwen Stacy in order to impress Mary Jane at the bar where Mar Jane works. It was an embarrassing scene. The worst part is that we return back to this bar in the most awkward way to end the film in a broken relationship.

I found Harry's butler telling about what he had found on his fathers body after he died a random element to the film.

I was upset to the introduction to how Venom comes to Earth so close to where Peter Parker was so early in the film. It just came too quick.

I have an issue with Peter's hair style whenever he is under the influence of Venom costume. I'm not sure what exactly it is because I liked the look but how is was used to tell the story is probably what I have a problem with most.

I did find it kind of random to add in to this film that SandMan was the real person responsible for Uncle Pen's death. I felt like that was a sub plot that was random and did not add much to the film even if it connected the character of Sandman and Peter closer than some of the other villains.

I am kind of surprised by the way they left off Sandman. The way it ends I almost thought that Sandman may become an allied but that was not to be. The other thing was that this film did not resolve what happened to his family or escaping prison.

I think that turning Sandman into his character was rushed and never resolved as far as what happened to him.

I did like seeing the first scene with Sandman originating out of the sand. That was a cool scene that just reminds you of The first Mummy films.

This film has me really down and depressed at the end needing to see something completely different to make me happy again.

This was a film where I was left disappointed by the ending because it felt like it deserved a fourth film in order to be able to resolve the Mary Jane and Peter Parker relationship but instead we receive a remake that was made too quick after Spider-Man 3.
½ May 16, 2016
Black super goo comes from out of nowhere into the dark side of our superhero. When he finally summons the strength & the reason to pry off its caste upon his soul it with a Sandman supervillian may be have become overwhelming without summoning even greater reserves of conciliation compassion & ultimately sacrifice to finally lay his escaped demons to rest.
May 15, 2016
Don't why people hate this it actually makes since alien goo(or whatever) gave him extreme confidence. that dancing scene was more funny that it was serious
May 14, 2016
This movie was good but not great, it had some great fight scenes, but un needed characters and a few WTF moments, it was still interesting and fast pace, and an exceptional close to "The Spider-Man trilogy"
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