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½ May 11, 2019
Agreed - good cast, but rather humdrum from start to finish. Good to incorporate philosophy into a thriller and perhaps the best line delivered by Brosnan in the movie, "There is a chair?" but other than that, there's not a lot of highs and plenty of lows in this ouvre.
February 10, 2019
This is a thriller?!!? The slowest, strangest movie I have seen in a while. It is too bad because it is a great cast. Do not waste your time!!
December 26, 2018
One impression is that Kaijser, relying on Harrar's book, chose Pearce as the protagonist to refer to the problematic memory-truth relationship of "Memento " (2000), and a further impression is that he lost himself on the street.
(Mauro Lanari)
½ November 29, 2018
The slowest, most pointless thriller I've seen in ten years. Guy Pierce's character is so badly written, it left me speechless. He's being accused of killing a teenage girl and he acts as it's an inconvenience. Absolutely trite. Brosnan is excellent, Minnie Driver is (as always) first class and it's a polished, well-made film. But the story is hopelessly bad. May whoever wrote it never write again!
½ November 28, 2018
Fergus Stapleton. Did he do it or not? Collage professor with a shady past comes under suspicion when a high school student goes missing. The other big question here is how much does the ending affect the overall quality of a film. I thought it was very good. Pearce is superb and impossible to read as the professor. Brosan excellent as the persistent Columbo like cop investigating and Driver very good as the suspicious wife. Good direction, script, build up keeps you guessing and though the ending is divisive it really makes you think back over what you've just watched.
½ October 29, 2018
Too slow and lacks suspense for a murder mystery. The plot was confusing jumping between two realities and the ending does little to clear it up. If it weren't for Guy Pierce, Spinning Man would be impossible to watch to the end.
October 12, 2018
Unfortunately this isn't about a rotating superhero but is instead a mystery thriller about the disappearance of a college student and the man who may or may not be responsible for her disappearance. The man in question is played by a smug looking Guy Pearce whose character happens to be a language expert, therefore forever manipulating what the truth might or might not be. He does this to such an extent that even he eventually questions his own truth and whether his mind has lost the actual truth. The mystery is maintained throughout which was good and the play back and forth between Guy Pearce and Pierce Brosnan's cop was enjoyable but overall it was disappointing and that is down to the very anti-climatic ending which left me wondering what the point of the whole thing was.
October 5, 2018
Thought provoking and captivating, I've been thinking about it since. Did he do it? Or was it only a implanted fantasy, or forgot incident?
October 1, 2018
½ September 21, 2018
I was excited to see these actors in the film. But, it wasn't exciting - and definitely wasn't thrilling. Something got lost towards the end...especially when it came to their marriage and the actual truth. Dunno...disappointed.
August 10, 2018
Nice plot, nice cast. Nothing else.
June 27, 2018
i thought it was decent
Super Reviewer
June 26, 2018
Spoilers for Memento.
½ May 18, 2018
Spinning Man will keep you spinning in your seat! Very suspenseful film with a great cast and beautiful scenery. This is a movie that will keep you guessing long after the credits roll.
May 18, 2018
Wrongly marketed as a thriller, this movie is in fact a keen character study of a man playing out a conflict between mind and body that has him (and us) spinning. Guy Pearce is both a mentally-rigorous linguistic philosophy professor and an incorrigible, out-of-control skirt-chaser. Did he or didn't he? Even he himself is unsure, and gradually the viewer's certainty unravels as well. Are the flashbacks revealing truth, or are they obsessive projections of a guilt-ridden family man in constant anxiety over things he does not seem to be able to control?
Minnie Driver is terrific; wish she had more of a role. Some of the critics, looking for cheap thrills, just didn't see what was lying just beneath the surface. BTW, read the book, by George Harrar.
May 7, 2018
"Spinning Man" (R, 1:40) is a drama-mystery-thriller directed by Swedish television director Simon Kaijser and written by Matthew Aldrich ("Cleaner", "Coco") based on a novel by George Harrar. The film received a limited release in U.S. theaters on April 6, 2018, the same day it was available via VOD.

Golden Globe nominee and Emmy winner Guy Pearce plays Evan Birch, a college professor with a history of having affairs with his students... most recently, an intelligent and beautiful coed named Anna (Alexandra Shipp). Evan teaches a class called Philosophy of Language and many of the conversations he has involve word play and/or abstract philosophical concepts - including when he talks with his young daughter, Zelda (Eliza Pryor), his longsuffering wife, Ellen (Oscar nominee Minnie Driver)... or the police.

Golden Globe nominee Pierce Brosnan is Detective Malloy, who is investigating the disappearance of a student named Joyce (Odeya Rush). When details of Professor Birch's extracurricular romantic history surface, along with information about his possible connection with the missing girl, Malloy naturally focuses on Evan as his prime suspect... but getting straight answers from the good professor proves... challenging. Even as the questions about the young woman's fate and whether Evan has anything to do with this case are answered, other questions emerge about the professor's past, present... and future.

"Spinning Man" is an unusual and frustrating film. The use of language, not just by the characters, but almost as a character in its own right, is sometimes clever, but too often annoying. The plot is fairly unpredictable, but the answers the story gives us are a combination of surprising, open-ended and... yes, annoying (especially regarding the symbolism referenced in the title of the film and revealed as it ends). The film is short on entertainment value and even shorter on meaning. "C-"
May 3, 2018
'Spinning Man' is a forgettable thriller that is devoid of any form of suspense and purpose.
April 29, 2018
We loved this story of suspense and intrigue and the question of whether or not the main character was guilty kept us on the edge of our seats. The plot keeps you guessing all the way to the end, leaving lots of food for thought afterwards! The acting is first-rate and the cinematography appropriately moody. Big thumbs up!
April 26, 2018
Watchable but the last third is pretty much garbage that makes little sense of what we have seen before...(this could have been a fantastic movie if they had let the wife be the one that caused the move...)
April 25, 2018
I read the book, which was great, and the movie was on par with the book. Perfectly cast film with strong performances. It keeps you guessing but really interesting to see how the accusations affected the family dynamic. I will watch it again and recommend to all!
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