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June 9, 2010
Surprised I hadn't heard of this 'til now. Despite a couple parts that seem a little cheasy, it's good for a haunted house movie.
½ April 7, 2010
A rubbish ghost story.
March 4, 2010
A reasonably good movie.
February 25, 2010
not bad. Alsou and Billie Piper! Popstars of my childhood...
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½ February 7, 2010
I'm a pretty big fan of Doctor Who so I was happy to find Billie Piper in this movie. But then I watched it. She seemed so wrong for the part and the rest of the cast were pretty miserable to watch. A very bland and boring ghost story that had potential but did not deliver.
½ January 20, 2010
A rubbish ghost story.
January 16, 2010
Il y a t'il quelque chose a sauver ?
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December 31, 2009
OK movie but towards the middle, You already figure out the ending
½ December 20, 2009
not even worth half the star!
½ November 10, 2009
No, it will not make history in cinema or anything even close to that. It is just a plain horror flick, but it shows something I have mentioned before: even for crappy things and/or guilty pleasures, the british take the lead many, many times. I would say that Spirit Trap DOES work as a guilty pleasure. Just get in bed, get some comfort food and watch. P.S. What happened to the 2005 project of making Luke Mably a Star? I remember he was everywhere back then when he did that terrible film with the also terrible Julia Stiles. He should fire his agent, because when an actor can shine in a film like Spirit Trap, we are talking Movie Star. He fits perfectly in shoes the size of Jude Law's and Matthew Goode's; no doubt.
½ October 12, 2009
A movie about four young adults living in a run down manson. The story leads off right away and doesnt really have any slow parts. The british/ irish actors / actresses were pretty good. See if u can figure out who did it and why before the movies over
½ September 13, 2009
Being generous here!
August 30, 2009
Typical kids + haunted house + slash things. The bad ending further worsens it.
½ August 25, 2009
Some students don't have much of a choice in accomodations. Two things I liked about this supernatural film - Billie Piper and the lack of reliance on CGI. Otherwise average.
July 21, 2009
A good solid frightener - proving you can have frights with very little viscera and visual effects.
½ July 18, 2009
English films always try to be edgy and gritty by putting too much swearing in, which always sounds contrived because posh straight-out-of-rep-I've-been-on-Casualty actors always put a hard letter G at the end of "fucking". They also put in pointless graphic sex scenes to say "Hey, look Hollywood- we're not uptight!"

Anway, this film has that stuff in it. Oh yeah, and it's shit.
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½ June 3, 2009
I've never actually fallen asleep during a horror movie before this one!
April 30, 2009
Quite enjoyed this film. Not one to watch over and over again, but worth a watch!
April 20, 2009
I thought this was going to be a scary movie, but it wasn't. The story was kind of neat, but nothing incredibly unique.
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April 14, 2009
its weird really weird but an alright movie
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