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½ June 21, 2017
This movie possesses some of the most beautiful animation I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. A rich and unique story wraps these layered characters in a cocoon of cotton candy, heart and glitter. An easy and welcome escape.
June 12, 2017
Spirited Away is a film about a girl called Chihiro who goes on holidays with her parents and gets lost in a desert village bu at night ghost appear, the parents eat a lot of food and turn into pigs and Chihiro must go to the ghost city to help them, meeting with monsters, ghost and strange people.
I think is the best Japanese animated film ever and i love the character of the without face, I think it's amazing and the plot and also all the other characters are also amazing.
June 7, 2017
Well I remember watching this as a kid but it's been a long time but I remember likening the movie see what you think
June 7, 2017
As Miyazaki's magnum opus, this story is, in a way, his own rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Gorgeous to see, leaving no details out and sparing no expenses.
June 3, 2017
An unforgettable adventure through a gorgeous place. Creator Hayao Miyazaki has a vivid imagination and has the masterful ability to share it with us.
½ June 3, 2017
Though not as emotionally moving as grave of the fireflies or when marnie was there(It's not their intention), this was still a fun yet spooky adventure with many fun characters
½ May 28, 2017
I haven't seen too many anime films, but so far, this is my favorite one. It is Studio Ghibli so of course it is amazing. The animation is like eye-candy in some scenes. So imaginative with all likable characters. The main little girl is so cute and learns a lot about the weird place she stepped into with her mom and dad. It might sound like a 5-star movie already but it is close. The negitaves are one or two cliche jokes and a few parts didn't feel as good as it could've been. Other than that, I'd say that Spirited Away is a masterpiece!
May 26, 2017
I think I need to watch it again...
½ May 17, 2017
I have to commend Spirited Away because it is a wholly original idea with some serious commitment to world-building. I like that they got into the weirdness early, there wasn?t a lot of build-up, and they didn?t spend hours explaining where this all came from. I do wish that there was a bit more logic or explanation of how this spirit world works, because that was the part that I could not follow. It?s interesting how this film walks just on the edge of being too scary and strange for kids, but also feels like it is totally targeted at kids. As an adult there were some elements that felt a little too childish in their execution, but I connected with the characters just fine. This also might be the best dubbed voicework I?ve ever heard on a Miyazaki movie (I?m not a big fan of subtitles.) The line delivery is much more natural, instead of feeling oddly rushed and stilted. My only real complaint about Spirited Away is how odd the world was, to the point that it felt like there were no rules to how it all worked. When a person can be randomly cut in half and then be fine two scenes later, I start to wonder if this world makes any sense at all. Again, I respect the elaborate and unique world created in Spirited Away, I just prefer my fantasy worlds to still have some type of logic in them. All that said, it?s still my favorite Miyazaki film because I was genuinely invested in the story and definitely never bored.
½ May 15, 2017
The animation is amazing! It was a beautiful piece of art! The Japanese masterminds behind these movies always have the weirdest plotlines and imaginative stories to tell. I'm so glad this movie at the end wrapped up everything so nicely. The thing is I don't really get most of the plot that takes place in these kind of movies,they are really deep and well thought. I only know that they are art and they are wonderful!
May 9, 2017
A highly inventive work of art that speaks to all.
May 7, 2017
With an engaging story that will always leave you on the edge of your seat, top-notch animation that successfully transports you to the most beautifully surreal and colorful fantasy world ever imagined, lovable and well-developed characters, and a poetic score that will emotionally move you from beginning to end, this is -- without any contest -- the absolute greatest movie ever made! This movie is so amazing and perfectly crafted that I am at an utter loss of words just trying to properly describe how great it really is! I don't care if you're not into anime, EVERYONE should check this masterpiece of a movie out no matter what!
April 28, 2017
Truly, one of the best animated features of all time. I have probably watched this movie at least 20 times, and I still love it. Wonderful, unique story and gorgeous animation. Cannot recommend enough.
April 28, 2017
Gorgeously drawn animation makes a simple story beautiful
½ April 18, 2017
Saya teringat kembali dengan kutipan Zeniba di film ini, "Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can't remember." Kalimat tersebut benar-benar menggambarkan ketika saat saya lupa dengan kisahnya saat menyaksikan kembali film ini di bioskop. "Spirited Away" merupakan salah satu animasi terbaik yang pernah dibuat. Pengalaman Chihiro memberi banyak pelajaran bagi penonton. Seperti ketulusan hati untuk menolong, keserakahan materi, hingga kekuatan cinta. Visualisasi imajinasi yang amat disayangkan bila terlewatkan. Wonderful!
April 11, 2017
I've watched this many times since childhood. My most favorite Japanese film*^^*
½ April 11, 2017
Simply the greatest animated film of all time!
½ April 8, 2017
Among the most important films of this century: greatest anime classic, wonderful children's film, beautiful and lavish illustration, and fantastic fairy tale. Winner of many awards. Probably will go down as best film of that year if not decade.
April 8, 2017
I truly love this film. I'm a huge fan of fantasy and this is the most creative fantasy film that i ever seen. It makes me think of Alice In Wonderland and Labyrinth and The Neverending Story and all those other classics except this is it's own story. It's a classic that in my opinion everyone should see.
March 27, 2017
The astonishing and indelible creation of Miyazaki has impressed me. This unique fable is haunting, genuine, and inspiring. It vividly reaches the most complicated levels of animated surrealism in the most luminous and enchanting form of coming-of-age. 97/100
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