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½ May 9, 2012
I had a blast just being there. Still like the movie. Killa Crew!
June 12, 2010
This is barely a musical. There are only several songs and they are all irrelevant and slow down the film. The film is obviously very low budget and the acting is beyond poor. It tries too hard to be funny which makes it painful to what. I award this film one star for having Ken Foree in it along with random people I know from the Providence goth scene.
June 24, 2009
There was a cute idea here, but unfortunately it was lost due to amateur writing and filmmaking. For a film that advertises itself as "The First Slasher Musical," there is a very disappointing lack of both musical numbers and slasher movie elements. Instead, Splatter Disco focuses more on a love story at a fetish club. Or something. Honestly, it's a very boring film and I did eventually stop paying attention. I do wish I could find something good in this, or at least commend the filmmakers for trying, but it really is pretty bad. Ah well - better luck next time to those involved.
½ December 6, 2008
Yes its title is very misrepresenting of the film itself, and there's some amateur acting but this film is an absolute comedy gem!
½ November 28, 2008
I thought this was going to be a revolting piece of shit, but I wound up laughing my ass off (in a good way). Definitely not horrific in any way, but a decent "slasher" film about a fetish club in a small conservative town that is being constantly pestered by evil councilmen and a serial killer who is bumping off the employees. Not very scary and looks as though it was purposely predictable, but it manages to be a pretty funny film, with characters that you actually care about. As far as the bad things go, the acting is a bit shoddy (which can be expected from a film like this, but it's better than usual) and an climax/ending that I thought was kinda week. There were some great appearances by Ken Foree (who was a blast), Lynn Lowry, and Debbie Rochon (who gives us a brief but nice shot of the titties, which I had no idea were so big and beautiful. I must find more of her films now). I recommend it.
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