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½ May 6, 2012
Not bad at all. A movie about a horse that brought attention to the tracks when they were falling under.
May 21, 2010
loved it but very graphic n such a interesting movie nevr thought tht was the reason wow great movie
December 23, 2009
Ruffian was the greatest horse that ever stepped foot on the track. Ruffian was the the Queen on the King of Sports.
November 15, 2009
This movie is good, but I hated that the horse died.. This was one very special filly..
½ July 24, 2009
If you love horses, you'll enjoy this movie. Based on a true story of Ruffian, a 3 yr. old TB filly. Have some kleenex on hand, as you'll need it!
November 3, 2008
A beutifully told story. Similar to 'Seabisquite' but whitout the happy ending...
September 14, 2008
One of the best horse racing movies there is, it almost perfectly portrays Ruffian's rise to fame to the final match race with Foolish Pleasure. And the added extras (like the recordings of all Ruffian's races) were a nice touch.
June 22, 2008
Great horse racing movie!!!
June 9, 2008
True story of life of the thoroughbred filly that dominated horse racing in the early 1970s. Considered the top thoroughbred of all time. She won ten races and then her life ended prematurely at a match race. Movie was really neck and neck with accuracy with the documentary. It was very well told and acted and was a touching story of how people can really earn respect for animals.
June 9, 2008
A very touching movie, will never forget it, a must see.
May 31, 2008
Loved the movie, seen it a hundred times!!! Makes me cry everytime though lol
May 24, 2008
It was a great made for TV movie, but I am also partial to it because I worked on this movie as well.
½ May 9, 2008
good film if you like horses 7 out of 10
May 4, 2008
Great movie! Very sad. Tells about reality of horse racing which is overbred Tbs running way too early break down terribly....just ask Eight Bells! Good movie, but very sad.
May 4, 2008
Great movie but really sad
March 6, 2008
Fun movie, even if you don't like horse races.
½ February 20, 2008
good movie, not Seabiscuit, but very well made, the ending however was VERY sad, would be of great interest to anyone who follows horse raceing or just loves horses
½ December 27, 2007
An overall very sad movie.........this horse was a legend
December 24, 2007
An awesome movie, only if you have an interest of a Horse Racing movie. Fallows the beging of a Fillies journey to the top of the Racing world only to loose her life in one race.
November 29, 2007
Follows history in a wonderfully artistic & realistic way; definitely a breath of fresh air to see the {actor on horseback} scenes done so well! Too many horse type movies are ruined by obvious green screen dummy riding. This movie does well to portray the tremendous heart of these magnificent creatures we call horse!
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