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½ June 26, 2013
Wow this is bad, well there are a couple of good scenes, with half naked chicks but that is about it :)
½ February 13, 2012
Linnea Quigley's performance is good but something just doesn't fell right like Sorority House Massacre & Slumber Party Massacre did in the 80's.
½ September 17, 2011
Unwatchable. Bad acting, tiresome dialogue, plot is completely undeveloped. It's been done many times before, with much better results. Did the director suddenly discover echo, speed manipulation, and black and white effects all at once, on meth?
½ May 25, 2011
if you are going to have a competition with your friends who knows the worst movie ever made...this could be your choice...absolutely everything is awful in this movie...the half point is for tsarah minnich...never heard of her...but her way of acting made everybody laugh...so for gods sake...stay away
½ February 11, 2011
First, there was Slumber Party Massacre and its two sequels, which then spawned a larger series of basically unconnected films called the Massacre Series. Spring Break Massacre represents another in the long line of Massacre films, and it is a thoroughly disappointing one. Spring Break Massacre feels more like a Scinemax flick than a legit slasher film. It privileges T&A over gore too much and hence it is just a boring, unoriginal, badly acted piece of garbage.
½ September 26, 2010
Very bad acting, very bad script, filming well everything. Some beutiful women but that's the only good part, and you can find that in every movie. So this is crap.
½ August 19, 2010
I've seen some pretty cheesy movies in my time, from Basketcase I and II to the entire Puppetmaster series, however this movie puts all others to shame. I can't give you a better example of horrible acting, casting, and dialogue than this movie.

The premise is pretty simple, a killer is put behind bars for the murder of some teenagers, but escapes prison and presumably comes back for revenge on any involved who put him behind bars. However, his escape is just a cover-up, a father to a young girl throwing a slumber party wants the daughter dead to collect insurance money so broke the convict out of jail to frame him for the murders.

You won't see any kill strikes, just gashes and dried blood, alot of blatant nudity for nudities sake and not plot (ok, maybe that's not so bad), and a ton of worthless boyfriends who's only ability in this movie is to get themselves killed, because they sure don't provide any "protection" for the girls. They may as well have called this Slumber Party Massacre as it had no real connection to a Spring Break party at all.

And btw, I love the Puppetmaster series. I hate this movie.
July 13, 2010
Exemple typique de ce qu'on peut appeler Slasher en carton, lorsqu'un film de ce genre sort, on a l'habitude de dire qu'il ne renouvelle pas le genre, que c'est du déjà vu et déjà fait, mais ce sont des phrases toutes faites. Pourtant, le moins qu'on puisse dire est que ça s'applique parfaitement ici, y'a qu'à voir l'affiche et le titre qui ne sont pas sans rappeler "Slumber Party Massacre", d'ailleurs, point de spring break en réalité puisque les nanas du film se font trucider lors d'une "slumber party" justement. Point de militantisme féminin ici contrairement à son "modèle", c'est du slasher de base mais en mal filmé car c'est cadré comme un film de vacance par des vieux touristes retraités, mal joué mais bon ça on s'en fout pas mal les nanas sont presques toutes canons (sauf la lesbienne qui s'ignore du film avec sa bouche collante beurk) et un tueur même pas flippant sur fond d'histoire abracadabrantesque. Dans ce bordel ambiant, on a quand même le plaisir d'apercevoir la toujours bienvenue Linnea Quigley (ah, la scène de la superette dans "Night of the demons" miam !) et on a de quoi se rincer l'oeil, même s'il est embrumé par une camera HD bon marché qui ajoute à la facture "film de vacance ou porno pas cher". Si vous ratez ce film, ça changera pas votre vie et en plus elle continuera, si vous le voyez...prévoyez un oreiller ou faites "avance rapide" dès que les filles se désapent, quand même un p'tit bon point pour le maquillage, quand même ! Porté par des inconnus au bataillon qui pourrait bien le rester (mais bonne chance quand même), je pourrais pas dire que je ferais mieux moi-même, mais si je faisais un mauvais slasher....voilà à quoi il ressemblerait, réservé aux amateurs peu regardant et ceux qui prennent plaisir à voir des films "si mauvais qu'ils sont biens". Sauf que moi je le trouve trop moyen pour être dans cette catégorie là !!
July 7, 2010
Spring Break Massacre is one of those rare films where you expect campy greatness but instead receive impromptu eye-scorching blindness thanks to its sheer awfulness. The story concerns the murder of an ugly goth chick by one of her goth dude friends many years back, resulting in the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of the pizza delivery boy who walked in on her body (apparently CSI stuff doesn't exist in this alternate world). Now, in present time, the killer has apparently escaped and come back to start trouble during Spring Break when a large group of girls gather together for a huge slumber party while the boys have to sit out and ponder what's going on. Amidst a bevy of several excruciating and unfunny moments, we're treated to a large assortment of horrid acting, pacing, and nonsensical dialog that just never adds up. What's even more tragic is the waste of two horror genre icons, namely Reggie Bannister (of the Phantasm trilogy) and Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead). Even more apparent than Quigley's tragic meth addiction is the fact that the filmmakers behind this movie clearly did not know what they were doing. On a plus side, they had these two greats in the movie longer than expected, but it's clear they didn't know what to do with this talent, and thusly, Bannister and Quigley look completely lost and confused throughout. On another plus side, that large group of girls all get naked and show off their titties. Even the fat, ugly one gets in on the action and, gasp, winds up having the best rack of the bunch! With the presence of our two icons, several sets of titties, there are occasional moments of hilarity, including a film crew member standing smack dab in the shot frame in the background and watching the filming (LOL!), as well as a renegade boom mic going across the shot frame (additional LOL!). Strangely, I find myself torn between never wanting these filmmakers to create art again or eagerly waiting to see what abortion they create next! Overall, this movie is...just awful.
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