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September 7, 2011
February 7, 2001
December 8, 2000
March 26, 2010
Beatty and Schreiber generate a convincing camaraderie that is warm and touching yet with a refreshing lack of sticky sentiment.
August 7, 2008
July 24, 2006
August 10, 2005
April 28, 2003
A breath of fresh air, and an antidote to all the mindless drivel Hollywood churns out on a regular basis.
September 17, 2002
Here's a film that values good dialogue and complex characters over dramatic gimmicks and cheap action.
January 27, 2002
November 16, 2001
A remarkable film, totally absorbing from the first frame to the last. It's a marvel of simplicity and depth, comfort and compassion.
May 29, 2001
every moment is jam packed with a philosophical or heavy moment, never giving his characters a chance to breath
May 29, 2001
...a pair of big-budget performances by Beatty and Schreiber.
March 8, 2001
February 26, 2001
While seeming to be about nothing in particular, it gradually builds toward a deeply affecting emotional impact by actually being about everything that's important.
February 21, 2001
The performances are all fine and heartfelt, but the story itself never provides much reason for us to care.
February 12, 2001
February 7, 2001
February 7, 2001
Beatty and Schreiber give accomplished performances, but are handicapped by the staginess of the script and the static nature of Gilroy's direction.
February 7, 2001
What a treat to finally see a pudgy character actor and a stereotypically type cast "bad guy" demonstrate their consummate acting skills
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