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July 29, 2015
The 3D stuff works really well.
January 29, 2012
Spy Kids 3 is much sharper and funnier than the second outing, but the missing pieces, namely the parents and sister, are sorely needed.
April 29, 2009
Rodriguez knows how to evoke the imagination in children with such an enjoyable family yarn.
December 30, 2006
December 6, 2005
July 5, 2005
January 21, 2005
Retains the homemade virtues that made the earlier installments such an un-selfconscious, pleasingly clunky delight.
October 28, 2003
September 20, 2003
Robert Rodriguez continues to pillage from past adventure genres, but the experience is about the boundless creativity of kids' dreams, not retro nostalgia.
September 12, 2003
While the film as a whole is still good fun, it lacks the freewheeling glee of the first two.
September 8, 2003
If the old red and blue 3-D glasses make your eyes hurt, you may have to skip this one, but that's the only bad thing you can say about it.
August 20, 2003
Even without the 3-D, set pieces such as a high-octane race and a faceoff between two giant robots would be surefire adrenaline rushes.
August 17, 2003
Don't go unless you're in a good mood and you want to re-live a silly movie technique from your childhood. In the right frame of mind, this movie can be a blast.
August 7, 2003
It?s a blast -- fun for the whole family.
August 5, 2003
Rodriguez's movie still has enough shiny objects popping off the screen to make it a satisfactory summer distraction.
August 1, 2003
It's the charisma of the child stars which carries the picture. And the infectious energy of the creator, whose frothy franchise has now run its course.
July 31, 2003
I'm quite ready for Rodriguez to return to the adult world with Once Upon a Time in Mexico this fall.
July 29, 2003
Plays exactly like a live-action video game. That's meant as a compliment, not a criticism.
July 29, 2003
Did anyone else get a pair of those cool glasses?
July 28, 2003
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over is the clumsiest of the trilogy, but Robert Rodriguez still manages to insert just enough thrills and surprises to make the effort worthwhile.
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