The Spy Next Door Reviews

May 30, 2010
Though mixing espionage and family values in unraveling dysfunctional behavior among a bratty brood of siblings may be a stretch, Jackie Chan makes the most of it in his latest caper targeting unruly kids.
March 25, 2010
[The movie] is [likable], bringing a peppy energy to Bob's segue from international spy to babysitter.
March 22, 2010
Tongue-in-cheek entertainment...
March 18, 2010
Jackie Chan always guarantees a good time with his friendly manner combined with intricate fight stunts inventively choreographed and smoothly executed and this is no exception
March 18, 2010
Filled with hilarious set ups, impossibly executed stunts plus an engaging central story about family and being loved, this funny action comedy is great entertainment for the whole family
March 16, 2010
Filled with slapstick guffaws, dodgy accents and copious pratfalls, Brian Levant's light-hearted action comedy succeeds because it stays true to what it actually is: a kids' movie.
January 16, 2010
This is not one of Jackie Chan's best films, but it's still fun to watch Chan pull out all the stops to entertain us at an age when many actors have stopped trying.
January 15, 2010
Those old enough to resist can expect to be impressed anyway by the on-screen energy levels of both Chan and Valletta. They make their work look like fun.
January 15, 2010
The plot may be forgettable, but the execution is frantic and funny.
January 14, 2010
Jackie Chan, the most graceful and acrobatic of men when it comes to action scenes, is also one of the most clumsy when it comes to dialogue.
January 14, 2010
An entertaining comedy loaded with action and laughs for all ages. It's forgivably silly, cartoonish and far from a classic, but nonetheless feels fast, funny, fresh and harmless.