Stagedoor Reviews

August 25, 2006
... charming documentary ...
July 18, 2006
Although Stagedoor has its enjoyable observational moments in its depiction of budding young entertainers stretching their wings, it also has an aimless quality.
May 30, 2006
Shiva's most impressive achievement here is her ability to communicate universal verities through specific details.
May 30, 2006
Watching these pint-sized Lizas resuscitate a dying popular art in a ghost-town vacation resort, you don't know whether to laugh or cry for the loony resilience of the Broadway spirit.
May 30, 2006
Shiva has a sensitive eye for rarefied outcasts.
May 26, 2006
Performing is something [these kids] need to do. And Stagedoor shows them doing it -- blindly, bravely, determinedly.
May 26, 2006
Alexandra Shiva's Stagedoor is a sloppy and only mildly engaging documentary about Stagedoor Manor, a legendary summer performing-arts camp in the Catskills.
May 26, 2006
The movie jumps from scene to scene, too scattered to make a strong connection with anything, or anyone, in particular.
May 25, 2006
This sketchy documentary portrait of a summer camp for teenagers with Broadway stars in their eyes remains a cool distance from its subject.
May 19, 2006
... unimaginative but diverting ...