Jun 22, 2003
Chilling in its objective portrait of dreary, lost twenty-first century America.
Dec 8, 2002
Shattering, devastating documentary on two maladjusted teens in a downward narcotized spiral. Extraordinary debut from Josh Koury.
May 25, 2002
This viewer was plain bored by this latest attempt at exposing "youth truth."
May 15, 2002
Expanded to 65 minutes for theatrical release, it still feels somewhat unfinished.
May 15, 2002
The longer one watches this determinedly ragged portrait of blue-collar teenage desperation ... the more one gets absorbed in the utter unbridled nihilism of its 'characters.'
May 15, 2002
Sad to say -- it accurately reflects the rage and alienation that fuels the self-destructiveness of many young people.
May 15, 2002
Highly irritating at first, Mr. Koury's passive technique eventually begins to yield some interesting results.
May 14, 2002
Likely to expertly drum up repressed teenage memories in any viewer.
May 13, 2002
Standing by Yourself is haunting...[It's] what punk rock music used to be, and what the video medium could use more of: spirit, perception, conviction.
Apr 24, 2002
Koury frighteningly and honestly exposes one teenager's uncomfortable class resentment and, in turn, his self-inflicted retaliation.