Standing Up, Falling Down Reviews

February 25, 2020
'Standing Up, Falling Down' falters by presenting too many awkward scenes that don't seem real. But Billy Crystal fans should enjoy his splendid performance as an alcoholic estranged from his angry son.
Top Critic
February 24, 2020
The entire enterprise is so muffled and dull you can't believe what you're watching.
February 21, 2020
A film that bravely dares to answer the heretofore unasked question "What would 'Garden State' have been like if the Natalie Portman role had been filled by Billy Crystal?"
February 21, 2020
The whole thing serves to remind us that there's at least one thing drama and comedy share: You can't rush it.
February 20, 2020
The movie from director Matt Ratner and Levittown-raised screenwriter Peter Hoare covers well-worn territory without generating much of a compelling reason for the audience to join them on it.
February 20, 2020
Unfortunately, my admiration for Crystal and Schwartz were the only factors keeping me mildly engaged with Standing Up, Falling Down.
May 5, 2019
It's just really hard to tell who wanted to make this film and for whom.