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This sci-fi adventure concerns an interstellar crew who abandon an exploding space station for a small craft that has just made a trip to Mars. While on the red planet, the craft accidentally picks up an alien who possesses a crystal that is both a power supply and a computer. The alien starts knocking off the crew one by one, until a member of the crew discovers out how to communicate with it through the computer.
Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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C. Juston Campbell
as Roger Campbell
Marcia Linn
as Lieutenant Billi Lynn
Taylor Kingsley
as Sherrie Stevens
Faye Bolt
as Dr. Adrian Kimberly
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Audience Reviews for Star Crystal

Seriously one of the worse sci-fi movies I've ever seen. The monster goes around killing everyone, and there's an average amount of blood, but then there's a twist to the story that just ruins the rest of it, making it the worst sci-fi movie of the 80s.

Aj V
Aj V

Super Reviewer

Oh Lord! What have I done to thee to be cursed with such a hunk of garage Alien rip-off in my VHS collection? I mean look at that glorious old VHS artwork? Doesn't that promise a schlocky good time in the vein of Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World? That awesome VHS artwork sure fooled me and I was sadly dished up an alien liquid turd instead. This Alien-rip-off has a group of astronauts while exploring a new planet (throwing a football in zero gravity no less!) discover what looks like a baked potato wrapped in tin foil. They bring the damn thing aboard only for what looks like a gooey sock to crawl out. Later we are introduced to another group of people aboard a space station and do to some electrical malfunction the station blows up! So finally, what seems about halfway through the film we are finally introduced to our main characters who are on a spaceship that just managed to escape the explosion of the station. Sadly this vessel that escaped also has that gooey sock creature which has grown to be the size of a large dog. Our dog sized snot ball decides to start killing off our crew one-by-one, Alien style! This complete Alien rip-off suffers the most from low production values. I mean the production designer couldn't even design a ship which has hallways no one can stand in! I shit you not the crew has to crawl on their hands and knees to every room! Everything from the shit design of the ship, to the effects, to acting, and to the none-existent directing is AWFUL to the highest extent. It's so damn bad that I only could watch half of the film when I originally bought it at a pawn shop for a measly 50 cents. My sister and I however later found the film to have plenty of unintentional laughter and come to think of it I've gotten a $100 worth of entertainment out of the 50 cents I spent! Overall this is a horrible Alien rip-off in the highest degree. This comes nowhere near the entertainment value of Creature, Inseminoid or the above mentioned Roger Corman productions. This is definite bottom drawer Alien rip-off material. However just because it's awful doesn't mean it doesn't have some great unintentional laughs. Buy some beer, some pizza and invite some B loving movie lovers over to your place to have some great laughs. Also make sure to listen to the lovable "Crystal of the Star" ballad played throughout the end credits! Bonus Rant Part I (Spoiler): Our Alien at the end is revealed to be a good alien after he has become a born-again Christian by reading the bible in the ships computer. What!? The damn thing even has the gale to tell our last survivor that he only killed the other crew members because they threatened them in some way. What? The damn think chased one woman around a room and it thinks SHE threatened it! Bullshit! Bonus Rant Part II: Later VHS releases and the DVD release (which I haven't upgraded to yet) have a very deceptive cover artwork. The artwork was changed to have a more threatening looking Alien and crew-members sleeping in hypersleep tubes. This new artwork was no doubt created to make this look like even more of an Alien rip-off than it already was. Nice try fellas!

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

Oh boy, was this movie interesting! Star Crystal is about astronauts who find a crystallized rock on Mars and bring it into their ship. An alien blob hatches from it and suddenly, everyone on the ship suffocates and dies. Now, pan a few months later where the ship is docked at a docking station and a review is under going until the station becomes unstable and a small group of survivors make off with the original ship as the station blows up. Now, this group is stuck on the ship with the blob E.T. (oddly enough, resembling both of these famous aliens). It starts sucking the life out of them one by one in very quick fashion until it turns into a cat and mouse again with the alien against two survivors. THEN, the movie goes a complete 180 and the super intelligent alien starts studying humans, realizes what he's done, befriends the survivors and engages in an UNBELIEVABLY hilarious montage that includes them eating together, repairing stuff together, and playing board games (I KID YOU NOT!!!). I couldn't stop laughing, seriously. Wow, it goes from a mood piece to a terror in space piece to a damn kids movie all in one sitting. Most bizarre Alien-ripoff film I've ever seen. Hands down. Hilarious.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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