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September 13, 2011
More hypocrisy from Flixster!! I've made requests to Flixster for them to add certain miniseries, such as The National Parks: Americas Best Idea, and I was told that they don't add tv shows... As if, specifically, The National Parks: Americas Best Idea is a tv show merely bc it aired on tv?!!

Is a tv movie that airs on tv a tv show bc it airs on tv!???

I was also told that if I continued to make requests for things that they deem inappropriate that my profile would be canceled/deleted! And here they are putting not just the first episode of Star Trek - TOS on Flixster, no! They actually have the ENTIRE SERIES right here on Flixster AND each episode has its own webpage!!

I'm still waitin' for their fuckin' apology!!! They should get down on their knees and beg for the honor of my spit on their forehead!!
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